i'm craving: affordable fashion

9 November 2011

I feel like its been forever since I last blogged, but in reality it's only been 5 days. The weird thing is that I didn't really notice, I have so many things going on in my life at the moment I actually struggle finding time to do the one thing that is the reason I'm so busy. I owe a lot to be blog, it's bought me a second income (sort of), opportunities such as visiting london and bristol here and there, involvement in things like fantasy shopper and I'm always meeting / talking to new people. My blog definitely needs a bit of nurturing, especially seeing as I went and gave it a makeover recently. So my pledge to you that I will try to blog more regularly :)

In saying that, this post is about an online store that I have ordered basics from a number of times before but on recently visiting their site i've noticed they have massively upped their game. Chiara fashion is affordable fashion down to a t, literally and I love it ;) Too corny? Good..

I am still loving the colour wine and although it makes me look as pale as a babies backside (evidence) I can't pull myself away from this rich luxurious colour. Odd seeing as I have always hated red, my nan has been trying to make me wear it for years! (and years and years..) I can picture myself wearing and layering a lot of the pieces above with one another and because of that I know I could get an awesome outfit for under £100! So.. My challenge for you (though it isn't much of a challenge, let's be honest) is to send me your £100 Chiara Fashion outfit, see here for past challenge entries /inspiration. Email your outfit to abbzzw@hotmail.co.uk - with some text if you like! - and all entries received by wednesday november 16th will be featured on my blog. (psst don't forget to tell me you name and blog name!)

♥ abby