outfit for a long-haul flight

Outfits to wear whilst traveling - for me they are about trying to be as comfy as possible whilst wearing some of the things that you feel may be too heavy to go in your hold luggage. For my to-the-airport-and-beyond outfit I opted to wear a few removable layers that I could pop into my carry-on if needs be, which I did because the plane was surprisingly warm!

I took a quick couple of photos before we left at 7am on Monday morning and then we had a super long day driving to london (getting lost trying to find the airport parking), flying from Heathrow to Denver and then driving a couple of hours up to Vail. All in all it was about 24 hours of travelling so we arrived here at 12:30am US time which was 7:30am Tuesday morning UK time and I didn't sleep at all on the journey! Tired is an understatement. I hope to publish a blog post or two whilst I'm out here but we'll see how it goes, other than that I've scheduled a couple to go live over the next two weeks. :)

outfit details
betty london black biker coat
celtic & co denim shirt 
missguided khaki cami top
new look skinny jeans
redfoot tan calf high boots
usual jewellery

♥ abby


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