what's in my long-haul flight carry on #abzski

We fly out in a few days and I'm packed and ready. My hold-all luggage and my carry on are sat waiting to go which I know is sad but I really like to be prepared and not be faffing around last minute wondering where my gloves are or if I've remembered to take my lip balm. So I've been writing a list or two since the beginning of the month to make sure that I have all of the right gear and then over the last week I've sorted everything out and packed it.

Onto the plane I'll be taking my carry on which will contain my ski boots (stuffed with ski socks) and probably a jumper unless I decide to wear it but I'll also have my handbag with odds and ends in to keep me occupied, fed and stop me from drying out. It's a 12 hour flight to Denver CO so I thought I'd share what I take on-board to help me survive it.

my carry-on essentials for a long flight
the basics:
purse - billabong purse with some dollars as well as pounds.

headphones - over ear and in-ear because after a while one or the other give me a bit of a sore ear.

ipad, iphone and charger.

the entertainment:
pack of playing cards.

book - game of thrones 3 or 4.

notepad & pen - for scribbles and written games like dots.

the care package:
face moisturiser, hand moisturiser - use clarins samples as face moisturiser, hand to be suitable for body too and my dry elbows (L'occitane vanilla bouquet hand cream).

lip balm - stick for easy application, burts bees peppermint as it's fresh too.

tissues - for sad movies, to dispose of chewing gum and for if the bathroom is out of toilet paper.

face wipes, dental floss - to fresh up my face or clean up and dental floss to freshen up.

makeup essentials - Concealer, cheek tint, eyeliner, mascara, tweezers and a mirror that's all.

medicine - 4head, paracetamol, Dextro energy tablets, allergy tablets. I'm bound to get a headache, that's standard for me with a lot of traveling and lack of sleep. I also have allergies to dust and cats so I always have something with me just in-case.

the comforts:
jumper - I'll probably wear one on route to the airport but if not I like to have a jumper on me just incase it gets a bit cold on the flight.

sleep mask - or use a hat.

gloves, hat & scarf - As it will be cold when we arrive in Denver and likely cold in London too.

snacks, sweets, chewing gum - Snacks just in case I get peckish between meals or the meal isn't very nice, sweets for the decent to help my ears pop, chewing gum to help me feel a bit fresh and stop any travel sickness on route to and from the airport.

That's it and I've packed! Though I've taken a few things out like my headphones and phone to be packed the morning we leave along with my passport and boarding passes etc.

♥ abby


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