what's in my ski holiday luggage #abzski

Aside from the two bikini's I've just packed this holiday pack list couldn't be any further away from my summer holiday suitcase blog post from last year. This one is jam packed full of waterproof and cosy good-ness which is why I thought I'd blog my packing list for my ski holiday coming up as part of the #abzski series I've been writing. Today I started packing into my wonderful new Animal and Dakine luggage because we leave in a week! (Eeek!) I pulled out all of my ski gear, a handful of hats and my base layers then as this week goes by I'll gradually pack my everyday clothes along with my toiletries and shoes and so on. So here's the full list..

helmet - if I buy one before we fly
buff or neck gaiter - to keep the wind off my face
waterproof ski gloves
skis & poles - Both in shaun's ski bag
ski boots - In carry on bag
pink ski jacket
black salopettes
ski socks x4
beanies - including husky hat
head bands - fur and braided - to keep hair off my face when too warm for a hat
base layer bottoms x3 - footless thick tights, black leggings, thermal pj's
base layer tops x4 - including long vests, tshirts and crop /sports bra
blue onepiece onesie - to wear under ski gear on cold days

jumpers x4 - including fluffy fitted jumpers and a hoody
cardigans x2 - including aztec waterfall cardi
jeans x3 - free people beige pattenred jeans, black religions jeans and grey new look jeans,
lingerie of course including socks
tights x2 fleece lined
coats & jackets - including pink biker jacket, gilet, long black biker and puffer coat
blue/red onepiece onesie
day tops - including cami vest tops, roll neck top and denim shirt
night tops - including pretty cami tops and satin vests
dresses - including MG long sleeve teal bodycon and berry tshirt dress
bikini x2 - asos aztec and floral sets
board shorts - for hot tub

ankle boots - for every day wear
uggs - for cold days
tall tan boots - also every day, I'll likely wear these on the plane as their heaviest

accessories etc
sunglasses - even if it's snowing and cold it can be so bright and sunny!
green gelly watch (pack), MK watch (wear because it's heavy)
snow pack rucksack with hydration bladder - for up the mountain
cotton scarf and thick snood - for strange weather changes - hot or snowstorm.
hat (for normal wear, not for skiing) - fedora (wear on plane) and grey beanie packed
gloves x2 - everyday wear when it's cold
long sleeve gloves - for extra cold days
jewellery -  usual rings and stud earrings, swarovski heart pendant, layering necklaces, statement necklace, statement earrings

toiletries etc
separate toiletry bags for hair, skincare and makeup
daytime lip balm - easy to apply stick of Burts Bees to take up the mountain
night time lip balm - pot of Lush honey trap
shampoo - 2x mini's should do it
deep conditioner - the cold plays havoc with my hair
leave in conditioner - aussie leave in put in a little bottle
mini hair oil/serum - for ends
tangle teezer brush - for knotty hair after a long day
hair bands and bobby pins/grips
body moisturiser - small-ish that sinks in quickly after shower
alpha-h gel moisturiser - because I use it every day
clinique eye cream - some transferred into a little pot
clarins gentle exfoliator - some in smaller pot
makeup - foundation & brush, concealer & brush (put in hand luggage), bronzer & kabuki brush, eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow palette, lipstick
nail polish and remover pads - 1 colour, 1 glitter, essie base coat, seche vite top coat

other bits
vitamins - ginseng and acai berry because I take them everyday
ibuprofen - for bad aches and if I trap the nerve in my shoulder again
peppermint tea - because I refuse to go without
straighteners - to take away frizz for the change in air and water
mini hair dryer
burgundy handbag - which I'll likely carry onto the plane
lucozade energy tablets - for my mountain rucksack

I think that's it, but if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations let me know in a comment or tweet me @abbzzw because I'm always paranoid about forgetting something.

I will be published another blog post dedicated to my carry on luggage so don't worry, I didn't forget my passport! :)

♥ abby


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