review: Alpha-H hydrator gel and liquid gold

I like to keep my beauty reviews to a minimum on here because I'm not an expert when it comes to this sort of thing, I just know what I like and what has (or hasn't) worked for me. There are a lot of things that I use on a day-to-day basis that I could blog about because they're my staples but it's only when come across a product I really like that I haven't seen much about before. Granted the Liquid Gold by Alpha-H is famous is it's own right and I had heard of it before ordering but the hydrator gel is a product I'd never come across before. I feel as though it's worth shouting about these two skincare products from Alpha-H because they have really cleaned up my skincare regime.

I'm using a couple of other new things at the moment but I couldn't have gone to this stage of improving my skin firmness and dark patches without these two helping with blemishes and congestion.

alpha-h hydrator gel
I made a decision to get serious with my skincare a good few months ago now and I ordered these two products to start that process, after doing a little research first. They were the start of the great skincare routine I have today and it's all thanks to this product - the Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel from Alpha-H. I say that because it was this product that I decided on first, I needed a moisturiser and I wanted something light, not creamy and that would sink into the skin relatively quickly and that I could wear under makeup as well as alone - with all of that considered I knew I wanted a gel moisturiser and up popped Alpha-H a brand I'd heard some good things about (because of Liquid Gold).

This daily hydrator gel does everything I expected of it and more, I'm no longer using spot treatments because this keeps them at bay, my skins is hydrated, not so congested and the black heads are all but gone too. :)

I use this every day in the morning and some evenings as well, occasionally after using Liquid Gold if I don't need the treatment to be intense.

cult beauty - 50ml £24

alpha-h liquid gold
The Alpha-H Liquid Gold with glycolic acid was on my radar but until i discovered the Daily Hydrator Gel it wasn't something I considered buying. I've found this product to be an intense night time treatment to clear my pores, firm my skin and rid of any blemishes that have started to appear. it definitely works well for me, especially paired with the hydrator gel and has improved my skin a lot.

I use this no more than 3 times a week, sometimes followed by the clear skin hydrator gel depending on the treatment needed.

cult beauty - 100ml £33.50

♥ abby


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