belated 100 follower contest's! :) :) - NOW CLOSED

it seems a lot of people are doing giveaways recently, whether they want to boost their followers, follow the trend or thank their existing followers.. everyone seems to be doing it! now i always said that if i ever reached 100 followers i'd be so incredibly greatful and have to do something for you guys & girls. I know i'm now at 247 of you gorgeous people but.. it's been a busy (&damn expensive!) time.

So thank you all for being being patient :P this has been a long time coming! at first i wasn't all that interested in gaining a following, i just like to babble on about things and it was a nice distraction from real life for a little while. but now i'm so glad i've carried on and that you guys like my posts enough to follow and comment :) so, thank you!

i'm going to do things a little differently to other giveaways that are about at the moment, this wont be a simple "enter me" competition, nor a 'style me' one though i love the idea of that!! and although i loved entering annabella's doll faced makeup look contest it won't be like that either. So here goes..

There will be 2 contests..

1st giveaway

moving out has made me think about all of the pretty things i want and need in my bedroom. specifically, on my dressing table.

for this competition i want you to tell me your dream (or existing) dressing table.

it's not all that complicated.. honest :) and you can go as in depth (or not) as you like.

things you can include are;
♥ necessities
♥ wants
♥ you can link me to specific items
♥ take a picture of your existing dressing table
♥ add pictures of items to your email
♥ and so much more.. it's totally upto you!

2nd giveaway

i'd like to add a smaller contest with a smaller prize as i know not everybody will be up for the contest above. soooo..

for this i want you to tell me your most necessary item. the one you use each and every day.. maybe more than once. the item that is on your bedside table, in your pocket, your handbag etc.. all of the time.

for example.. my necessary item is my lush lip balms. honey trap is on my bedside table. whip stick is in my fox racing bag. another whipstick is in my pinky new look bag and there is a honey trap on my desk at work :)

extra credit for;
♥ taking a picture of your item in it's usual place
♥ explaining why you love it so much

conditions for both giveaways;
♥ you must be a follower of my blog 
giveaway 1 can be submitted either via email to or as a post on your blog. but don't forget to link me to it!
giveaway 2 must be submitted as a post on your blog (preferably not the sidebar but if you'd like to put it there as well, feel free) but please do not forget to link me to it!
♥ for those of you emailing entries, the email is and please include the subject title "Dream Dressing Table Competition"
♥ you can enter both competitions if you like
♥ the contests will both close on may 23rd this gives you a whole month to enter

The day the competition closes I will post my own dream dresser and what I have been working on for a little while :)

now for the prizes!

giveaway 1

♥ elf golden bronzer
♥ elf lip plumper and primer
♥ lush honey trap lip balm
♥ vanilla cupcake yankee candle
♥ bourjois blush in rose ambre
♥ cath kidston strawberry mug
♥ barry m nail paint pale yellow (ice cream)
♥ lush ultimate shine solid shampoo

giveaway 2

♥ barry m nail paint pale yellow (ice cream)
♥ lush honey trap lip balm
♥ vanilla cupcake yankee candle
♥ cath kidston floral mug

I'v decided not to put prizes photos up with this post but will do next week some time :)

if you have any trouble or questions at all then feel free to email me at or leave a comment below :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Great giveaway; you're so generous! I'll be entering the second one :) CUTE giraffe!!

  2. Oooh this is exciting! Great comp. I'll definitely be doing the first one if I get time.

  3. Hi! Heres my entry for your competition:

    I had lots of fun designing it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Abby, this is my entry for your competition.

    Hope you like it, I had fun! x

  6. Love the giveaway! :)

    This is my entry for both of your giveaways!

    I really enjoyed doing this so thankyou :) XO

  7. Hey, I finally got sorted and did my entry.

    It was fun doing and now I reallllly want dressing table!

  8. Aloha! I loooovvee you blog and have entered your competition xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Hello again! I have now done both competitions- yay! xxxxxxxx

  10. @louise.pentland i have no way of getting onto your profile and blog :( could you contact me either on here or my email: and give me your blog address otherwise i won't be able to count your entries :( x

  11. scrap that louise, i now know you're sprinkles of glitter lol :) x


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