april's in and outs

8 April 2010

settling in. i still really miss my mum but i feel settled into my new flat now which is nice :)

working on my canvas. yes i'v been doing it and i'm really enjoying taking afternoons to do more creative things throughout my sketchbooks :)

baking. after monday's baking of the yummy cakes with kirsten i'v decided it must happen more often!

ocean salt from lush. i'm using it every other shower now because it works so well with my skin. yes it stings a  fair bit when it comes to spots but i man up.. it rids of them for me! :D

summer shopping. i'm loving it :D posts to come....

through out march i came across a few posts and emails talking about how to wear harem pants. my advice.. don't

not being in a routine. i really need to get it sorted because i just find myself rushing around all the time and being late. it' not nice :/

being ill. as you may know i haven't been well recently. well i get my blood test results on the 12th and hopefully will be on a road to recovery from then!!

not eating chilli, jalepenos and general spicy-ness. this must stop. i must have it again! my health has gone down hill since i stopped eating it i swear :s

♥ abby xx