Leather lace up skater boots.. intreagued?

20 April 2010

i think it's more fear than intreague for me. a pair of these boot / trainer / wedges in mint or blush will set you back £150 in topshop (if you dare)

the designer? unique. and yes they definitely are just that! these shoes, remind me of those huge trainers you used to get with the wheels in the bottom before heeleys came about and the base of the shoe had to be really chunky..

they also remind me of the brand irregular choicewhose shoes are all quite crazy and out there.. just click here to take a look.

my opinion? gross :/ sorry if i offend anyone! but we're all entitled to our opinion right? :)

so would you wear these? or would do even have them or any of the irregular choice shoes?? feel free to share, i won't judge :) (there's actually one set of wedges i sort of like, see if you can find them)

♥ abby xx