would this work for me?

where i live i haven't seen any girls close to my figure wearing a dress like this and i don't currently own a dress like this or any lace at all so i thought i'd put the question out to you guys!

okay so here's a quick overview of my body shape. i'm a size 10 - 12 with size e boobs. i'm 5ft 3, my legs arn't exactly long and i have an average length torso. i'm toned so no lumps and bumps to show except my hips.

i'm nervous about spending the money. because frankly.. i'm worried about my boobs looking silly in it :/

what do you think?

♥ abby xx


  1. Just my opinion but if you have massive boobs and wear a high neck it just makes you look like you have one giant uniboob. For example I am a 30f, and there is no way I would wear that dress as I would look mad. But that's just my opinion innit lol! I would personally go for a longer round neck vest style dress that will flatter ur boobs. They have loads in Dorothy Perkins.

  2. that is exactly the sort of honest answer i was looking for! :D the covered up chest and slit for the neck it what i was worried about :/ maybe i should skit it and try to find more of a scoop neck :) thanks loveeee x

  3. I think you should go for a black lace dress :)

  4. Yeah I agree about the neckline... if you can find a similar one with a lower neckline then all should be fine :)

  5. Its gorgeous, but I never wear white.

  6. My housemate has that dress in green and she has huge boobs and has found she has to wear detailed skirt over the top to balance out her figure

    Hope that helps x


  7. I think that it will suits you!
    I love that dress.
    I followed your lovely blog, can you please follow back if you like mine?


  8. Agreed on the neckline babe, you wanna show off your hoo-ha's, not flatten them.
    Alternatively, buy it, and if you don't like it, I'll have it :D 'Cause I have no boobies so it would be awesome yerrr...
    Love you xxx

  9. my friend has a black one like this and she's a DD/E and it looks good on her, try one on in a shop first maybe?

  10. i tried one on today and it looked pretty horrific :/ big time no on the neckline front!! :(

  11. thinking it would give a uniboob effect alright..Same chest sizing here.Sorry to cut in on a post but any advise on a decent strapless bra for us large chest ladies.


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