my must haves: essie polishes

16 January 2014

Essie nail polish collection
Essie nail varnish collection

I'm slowly building up a collection of these beautiful nail polishes, there seem to be so many rich and creamy colours that I absolutely must have! So no matter how many I buy or receive as gifts I always seem to want more. That's why I thought that I would share with you my collection so far. Unfortunately my camera battery is playing up so i've had to resort to some fairly shoddy iPhone photos i'm afraid but i'll link to each nail polish below so that you can get a better idea of the shade :)

left to right:
Smokin' Hot, It's Genius, Leading Lady, A-List, Raspberry, Eternal Optimist, Penny Talk, Sew Psyched

I'd like to know which Essie shades you love or would recommend (if any) so that I can decide what to buy next! I love far too many to make the decision for myself :)

♥ abby