my must haves: hoola

18 March 2012

It's not often I talk about products on here which seems silly because I love shopping for makeup, nail bits, hair products etc. There are a lot I use on a day to day basis and others that when do I use, I just love! So I'm introducing this to my blog as a must have series, I'm not great at reviews but I do know what I like and why so this will definitely be a personal opinion based series! Obviously I am no hair and beauty expert so these must haves are for me, myself and I. If you like them then fantastic but if you don't get along with them then it's not my fault. k ;)

It makes sense to start with a product I use religiously when without my summer face tan which is Hoola by benefit. I've never been one for fake tan, in my experience it's too orange and fake looking.. I prefer a more natural tint that highlights and contours the right areas of my face, neck and chest. Fake tans don't do it for me, no matter the price or how strong peoples reviews and recommendations are I just can't get along with them. Plus i'm not really bothered about tanning my body much with anything other than natural sunlight and a pair of primark natural tan hold ups, classy eh ;) Hoola does the job for me! :D

I have a slight aversion to shimmer beauty products, it's not something I reach for often so I love that Hoola has none! And my current makeup routine means that I often use it across my forehead, the bridge of my nose and my chin so a shimmer bronzer would make me look like a shiny fool. Not the best look in my opinion! It took me a while to find the perfect bronzer for me, i've tried a range of brands, prices and shades but not really go along with any before experimenting with benefit. Hoola is the perfect brown shade for me, it's really well pigmented and lasts forever on my face and in the product itself! As many benefit products do! So I don't mind paying out £23.50 every time I need to replace it as the occasion doesn't come around all that often.

Let me know if you're a Hoola lover too and if you like the idea of this sort of thing popping up on the blog now and then :)

♥ abby