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Okay so this evening I tweeted asking whether I should post a Skincare, Haircare or Perfume blog and the score was Skincare: 5 Haircare: 3 and Perfume: 1

So here is my Skincare Routine.. & yes I hardly ever get spots with this routine! :)

please excuse the poor lighting.. i'v broken my lamp :(

This isnt necessarily going to be in order.. It really depends on the time of day and condition of my skin as to whether I skip a step or just intend to do it later on. But these are my regularly used skincare products that work really well for me :)

Firsty I use Avon Clearskin Cleansing Cloths to remove makeup. These really arnt the best wipes available in my opinion. They are full of too much moisture and dont remove all traces of makeup because of this. I simply use them because they are cheap and I go through wipes very quickly so dont like to use expensive ones. They do however seem to keep my spots at bay unlike other cheap wipes I have used in the past, other than reason.. I would'nt recommend them

I use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin to remove any last traces of makeup &cleanse my skin. The front reads "Oil-fighting formula cleanses effectively and helps prevent spots" this I totally agree with! I have a fairly oily t-zone that loves to get spotty but since I have used this i'v found they have become less frequent.

Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner works really well at tightening my pores! You may see in some of my photos that the pores on my nose are pretty big sometimes :/ Well that's only if I dont use this atleast once a day! It's brilliant! I love it & I love the refreshing feel that tea tree has on my skin as if it can breath again :)

To remove my eye makeup I use superdrugs own cream eye make-up remover from their vitamin e range as I have pretty sensitive skin and anything other than a cream leaves my eyes feeling sore and irritated. The reason that I choose this one to use is because I used to work in superdrug so it was easy to find a cheap one that didnt smell nasty. Other than that this EMUR is apparently supposed to "revitalise & protect the skin" I havnt personally noticed this.. I just use it to rid of my eye makeup smoothly.

I dont use Avon Solution Pure Pore-Fection Self-Foaming Cleanser all of the time because my skin simply doesnt need it.. Only when I feel my skin is particularly oily or my pores have become quite big all of a sudden will i was my face with this and normally it only takes 2pumps of the cleansing foam in the morning and evening and I wont need to use it again until next time! I think it's a brilliant product but a little too harsh for my skin for everyday use.

Through my oily teenage years I experimented with tonnes of so called 'targeting' spot formulas and now that I am 19 I have finally found one that really works for me! Garnier Pure Sos Anti-Imperfection Pen claims that it purifies skin, targets and helps dry imperfections, purifies imperfections and marks & shows results within 5 hours.. I have to say all of this is true! I do however believe it works quicker than 5 hours! Or atleast it seems to work that well on any blemishes I may have :)

Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Anti-Shadow EyeCream is without a doubt the best eye cream that I have ever used to battle my dark circles! I love it and if they ever discontinue it I think i'll actually cry.. :/
I do have another eye treatment that I probably couldnt live without either.. that being Avons Solutions Total Radiance Plus Illuminating Eye Cream. On days where I want to wear less makeup I use this because it brighten up the skin around my eyes making it feel firmer and making me feel a lot more confident!

Although I use a lot of oil fighting products I do actually have combination skin (especially through the winter months) and so if some areas of my face need moisturising then I use Garnier Pure A Anti Blemish Daily Treatment Moisturiser. Keeping with the spot and blemish fighting regime because even though I am adding moisture to my skin I still want to keep blemishes at bay! I'v tried a couple of others including Neutrogena and Clearasil's moisturiser and found it has only made my skin worse and the clearasil in particular seemed to clog my pores which just felt horrible!<

Anyway that's it for my Skincare Routine.. Sorry it is soooo long but I really do love my skin 99% of the time and it is all thanks to these products! :)

I hope it was interesting and helped any of you guys out who havnt quite found what works for you yet.

♥ abby xx


  1. Ohh I have always heard such great stuff about The Body Shop's Tea Tree toner! I think I might have to try it! Great post :) But why oh why is clean skin such an effort lol

  2. I love the Garnier Pure Sos Anti-Imperfection Pen!!! One of the only things that works for me :)

  3. @sarah I know right i really do use sooo many products! but atleast it works i guess :)

    @dolly me too :) i love it.. the first sign of an imperfection i attack it with that stuff and its gone

  4. Oh wow, first of all; I love your blog!! :) deffo read some good tips here and there!

    Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Anti-Shadow EyeCream is one thing I'm gonna take a look at :)



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