fringe it

Fringing and tassels seem to be a very much left over trend that was perfect for the many (many) festivals that happened all over the world this summer. With the big (muddy) parties coming to an end the trends are moving on and little remains from what was the sunny and warm summer months. Fringing may stick around but if you have none and fancy yourself a bit of fringe then it might be best to grab it before it disappears again and forms into a token fringe - as represented by tassels.

A number of these bags could transition into autumn nicely thanks to their style and colours. The burgundy and black shoulder bag by Pepe Jeans doubles up as a clutch and the colours work perfectly with that of this years autumn colour palette. As does the Love Moschino black handbag with the metal fringing offering a different style that is more tough that surely reflects the changes in season and need for something more hardy.

All of these bags are available on - Click here.

♥ abby


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