the last bits and pieces

My original intentions for town last saturday was to buy the last little things we needed fot the house. I'm missing cutlery, a wooden spoon and a chopping board. My plan failed miserably! But i got some pretty things see.. :)

I've wanted this miss selfridge dress for about a month but they only had it online at first and then were always sold out of 8's! I finally got the last 8 on saturday and it fits perfectly! I love it :D

Miss Selfridge also had a sale on jewellery and i picked up these 3 items for £9 overall!
The bows are earrings but i probably wont use them as earrings.. not sure yet.

This Cath Kidston mug was only £4 in house of fraser!

If you ever have chance to smell the Yankee Candles then do! They each smell incredible! & this vanilla cupcake one was my favourite :):) I think it was around £7 which i imagine to be pretty expensive for a candle but the smell made me buy it :P (atleast that's what i tell myself)

After reading bubblegarms post on ocean salt from lush i knew it was exactly what i needed. It was a straight in and out of Lush though.. or i knew i'd buy (more) things that i didn't really need. I've yet to try it but i'm sure that it will have the desired effect on my skin.

Sorry for the really bad lighting but the boots i ordered last week also came in the post :)
These were £25 from

I spent far too much money in boots :( and was most unimpressed about it because it wasn't even exciting things so here are a few i really rely on & the only things i bought that i actually needed :P My hair dye was on offer, 2 of £8 and i finally picked up the botanics face balm

& now after all that.. i'v given up shopping for lent. It started on wednesday and i'm struggling already :( There's so many pretty things i want! People keep linking things on twitter and to top it off Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Republic and River Island keep sending me newsletters! It's not fair! They're just trying to make it hartd for me :P

Hope you all have a great weekend!

I'll be moving! :D:D

♥ abby xx


  1. Hehe, well, I suppose the mug and candle count as things for your new home :). Just think about how much more special shopping will feel after you give it up? xxx

  2. I love the dress and the super balm is lovely! Definitely couldn't have got through the winter without it :) xx

  3. yey cath kidston mug! :) xxxx

  4. Love everything you got!
    I really like that dress in the first pic

  5. the mug is cute, i have a bit of an obsession for cath kidston atm :) xxx

  6. Love that dress and the jewlelry! Ive given up chocolate for lent and im finding it really hard and snacking on sweet stuff instead! XO


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