pretty pastels

I'm loving the pretty pastels and nude trend! Have some things I want/need/must have ;) So here are a few of them..

River Island love this and so do I. It's £39.99 I really want it.. but do I buy it? (after lent)

Pointed out by Zoe.. (thankyou!!) these shoes are gorgeous. I don't own any patent shoes & wasn't surprised to see they had sold out in my local new look :(:(

£18 Nude floral tee from dorothy perkins.

Unsure about this miso dress from republic, i'm not a frilly kinda girl. But i do like it..

£18 floral crochet longline top from new look

£16 cobweb knitted snood from topshop

£15 basic draped crop vest from topshop

There's quite a ew other items that i like &have seen in the shops but found it really had to find them online :(

What do you think of the nudey trend? Or is there a different styleabout at the moment that's caught your eye?

♥ abby xx


  1. I love nudes, but i will always love nautical themed things more. That River Island bag is lovely, I say go for it. Their bags are well sized and last forever : )x

  2. I love the nudes trend at the moment, I'm writing and producing a feature about it for my university assignment at the moment. That River Island bag and those New Look heels are beautimous! XOXO

  3. I love those shoes!!! Visit to New Look tomorrow....? YESS!!

  4. i'm loving the nude trend! and oh my ....i WANT those shoes!

  5. Everything looks so pretty i want them all!

    New look is my new best friend! why didnt she tell me she had those gorgeous new shoes in?? ahhh!


  6. Nudes, pearls and lace are my love-affairs of the moment! :) Cute post hun! That RI Bag gorge!

  7. Get the bag, GET THE BAG :D x

  8. I love the nude trend too its everywhere and in every shop atm! XO

  9. those shoes are gorgeous !! xxx

  10. My bad :P
    You posted this in February and River Island are still selling the bag?! Unless our shitty Plymouth store only just got them in... I swear I've never seen it in there before... :/
    Looks good though :D Very spacious lol ly xxx


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