review: studio lip primer & plumper from e.l.f

This has to be my most used elf product (besides the mineralised primer ofcourse) It is double ended and consists of a lip primer and a lip plumper, and although I don't use the plumping side very often I do use the primer everyday.

elf claim this product will acheive longer lasting lip colour and sexy plumped lips. The primer creates a base for lip colour that lasts all day. The plumper enhances your lips with a seductive sweet cinammon scent.

First off, the primer: Before this product I avoided wearing lipstick as it tends to gather in certain areas on my lips after about an hour of wearing it. I tried foundation, concealer and famous' lip primer but none of thee seemed to work and the foundation/concealer dried my lips significantly. This primer is not too thick nor is it too dry or moisturising, it's just.. there. To me it is the perfect consistency for a a lip primer and it is not creamy therefore wont clump in the corners of your lips etc. It suits my lips perfect and as a nude base really shows of the colour lipstick I wear. 

I apply very little pressure when using the primer, a little goes a long way so I just sweep it across my bottom lip and spread it between them.

Unlike other lip primers that i have tried and the tip of using concealer or foundation as a primer this is not drying, it does not leave my lips flakey and cracked after one day of using it (or ever!) I have found that you do not need too apply too much for it too have the desired affect. A simple dab on your lips in 4 places pressing ever so lightly and then spreading it with my finger works wonders for me :)

Okay now the plumper, this has not so much of an irritating tingle like other plumpers but more of a slight sting for around 2 seconds and then I just felt it's presence on my lips for the next few minutes after. It doesn't seem to do a lot at all. However, it does have an amazing sweet cinammon scent that reminds me of christmas and so I have worn this frequently throughout the summer, not for the plumper but for the yummy scent :D

Click here to go to the studio primer/plumper on it's only £3.50! :)

Hope this was helpful to you guys :) Have a great boobie wednesday!

 ♥ abby xx


  1. Lovely and insightful review :) x

  2. Why does it have to make your lips tingle!?! I prefer strawberry lip balm myself lol! x

  3. It doesn't hun. But with plumpers you can usually tell they're working by the amount they tingle lol. This doesn't work and nor does it tingle so... there :P xx

  4. Defo gonna stick this on my list next time they do free delivery. I always wait til free delivery to order hehe. x

  5. Oh i see! My bad! Stawberry lip blam is still better! x


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