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Of the four products I purchased from this has to be my favourite! I was simply in need of a primer to replace my gosh velvet touch which was on its last legs and so added this to my basket without a thought .. £6 seemed like such a bargain.&what a bargain it is!

In all honesty I wasnt too excited to try this primer untill over the last few days i noticed other bloggers asking about it and figured I could well be onto a good thing!

After my first use on friday morning it didnt seem that the primer got along with my skin nor my foundation, the primer didnt appear to soak into my skin as much as i'd like and so i left it for a few minutes before applying my foundation and then this decided to clump in places as I applied it.. not a good look!!

But I had faith.. using it again over the weekend I used even less than before, barely a full pump, infact i'd say it was about the size of half a pea! This was the perfect amount for my face, it spread evenly covering my face and my skin felt smooth enough for me to apply my foundation. As I did so with my fingers (like normal) I noticed that it wasnt clumping at all.. my foundation was applying as normal! hoorah! :D and it even seemed to last all through the day, I didnt re apply any powder or blusher toward the evening because I just didnt need to.

Now for the best bit - I have combination skin.. that being a combo of dry patches on my cheeks, an oily nose and chin and dry almost flaky skin on the bridge of my nose. Waking up this morning i cleansed and toned my face as normal then reached for my moisturiser, now I dont use this everyday because my skin is so up and down so I checked my face and cheeks to see where I would and wouldn't need to apply moisturiser and was amazed to find no dry nor oily patches anywhere! Yes I has a couple of blemishes on my chin but no primer is going to help them out!

So all in all this primer.. amazing! You only need the tinyest amount, it isnt going to cost as much as others and it has totallly helped out my combination skin after just 3 days! :)

I'm a very happy Bunny!! :D

If you try the elf mineral infused face primer i'd love to know how you get along with it! & fingers crossed you'll be as happy as I am :) :)

Hope you enjoyed my first review ever! As there will be many more to come..

♥ abby xx


  1. This is in the post for me so I can't wait to try it. Happy to see you like it! Is Gosh Velvet touch any good? x

  2. oo hope you like it!! :) :)

    I actually find theres far too much silicone in the gosh primer.. It does it's job but thats about it. No extra benefits to it whatsoever really. Plus I had to use a lot more for good coverage and it ran out a lot quicker than I had hoped xx

  3. Was thinking of trying this so im glad I read your review :) xx


  5. Woahh thanks for the detailed review! I shall have to try it now! Would you reccomend any other primers? I followed, your blogs lovely xxx

  6. I've just ordered this today so I'm glad its had a good review =) Thanks

  7. So happy you all liked the review! :) :)

    @FernLaura Out of the other primers that i've tried I wouldnt recommend any of them compared to this one.. For me it seems to be the ultimate primer :) xx

    oh and thankyou for following! :) xx

  8. thanks for reveiw i will b buying t primer now coz ive been using gosh primer ad loreal ad they r a bit greasy for my skin x

  9. Thanks for the review.. am so oily and patch so i may try this out and hope it controls the shine!!

  10. I have very dry, patchy skin and any heavy moisturisers tend to be too oily for my skin and cause me to have a breakout. I read about the primer in more magazine so looked it up on the internet and for 6 quid it does sound like a proper bargain! Thanks for the posts xx

  11. I can't wait to try it!!! My skin is a lot like yours!


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