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I do A LOT of online shopping! Infact.. I tend not to even venture into town and instead do it from the warmth of my own home. So i've decided to share with you gorgeous people my favourite sites that I trust, love and have used in the past.

My new favourite store! Online and off I loveeee their style. My best friend works at dp and pretty much only wears their clothes, she always looks gorgeous!! &I also love how much they tweet and the advice they give out, so they are well worth following! Find their twitter here :) The delivery has never been late for my and is pretty well packaged, but the main appeal is the clothes and the fact i can get discount everytime i buy it :P checkout my side bar for discount codes for this one.. dp almost always have one going!
Is simply amazing, tonnes of gorgeous items, always up to date and I love the community section too. Everyone gives great advice! Although i've heard people say bad things about asos customer service department, whenever i've had a problem they've ALWAYS done their best to resolve it asap, their so lovely! Worth following them on twitter too :)
Although I havnt ordered from here before I have close friends who have and say that they never disappoint. I love the clothes! I simply havnt got around to buying anything just yet.. soon I hope!
Now this is a store that never ever disappoints! Delivery is always on time the clothes are always gorgeous and totally in style and you can quite often find a discount code out there too ;) again.. check my side bar.
This is just like Choice, the catalouge. Infact Additons, Choice and Littlewoods are all run by the same company and all have the same stock, offers etc.. I just choose to use Additions. It has a really good general catalouge of blahzay styles and simple wear that I resort to for simple little things like plain shrugs, scarves and tops.
What can I say? It may be an american site with prices in dollars but the tees are brilliant!!! A friend of mine has a tonnnne of these tops and he looks brill in every one of them! I'm waiting for the perfect pattern that defines me so I can snatch one up!!

Amazing Products, Amazing Colours, Amazing Site, Amazing Brand.. you all know what barry m is all about so I wont go into it but £1.95 delivery on top of all that?! Yes please :D
With the love your body loyalty card you can get 10% discount both online and instore. Now I use my mums when I go in to the shop but my code is registered online (I lost my card, this way mummy gets the loyalty stamps and the free gifts!) I mention body shop because not only do they have some really great products but I only ever buy bodyshop toner and foundation, I exprimented with others but have been using these for a couple of years now and wouldnt change for the world! They're perfect. Besides all that.. they use secure packaging and I have never opened a package to find any sort of broken powder which is always a good thing! and the delivery is mega quick! My orders have always delivered to me with 3days max.
We all love lush right? because it's lush :) Well the site just got better.. it is now easier to manage and find exactly what you want, along with it being a lot prettier! I've always admired the products from a distince but now i'm loving them! Reviews to be posted soon :)
Possibly the best collection of beauty brands ever. Screw going into Boots for benefit ahnd all the rest of it, majority in in this section here and again.. asos.. i just love them.
I recently made my first order ever from these guys and I have to say I was very impressed. Well packaged, super quick delivery and I cannot wait to try out the products I ordered! Reviews to come :)

Although when it comes to shoes (not boots) I would much rather go in store and try them on.. I felt I have to share my new look problem with you. New look clothes.. blah, New look accessories.. blah. But when on my way to the changing rooms to try on some blah.. BAM! I leave with atleast one pair of shoes.. Yes I have issues but the words "your feet look gorgeous" on the insole call out to me ;)
Strangely ebay is my favourite place to shop for shoes! mainly boots. I have a few sellers that I just loveee to by my boots from. Infact my most recent pair, which you can see here, are from ebay and only cost £26.98! :D

Hope you all found this helpful or it introduced you to a site you'd never considered using before or been wary of. Some people are afraid to purchase things online.. but the way i see it is so long as there is a legitimate payment gateway then it is safe to use it.

Happy shopping!

♥ abby xx


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