christmas is in!

The Loveeely Lauren tagged me to do this and I think its a brilliant idea! I mean I know that I do an in and out post each month but there are certain things that we all love about the festive season and it's interesting to know what everybody else likes most about christmas. Plus this way we all get to share the festive spirit and excitement leading upto the special day :)

I think my most favourite thing that reminds me most of christmas is the smell of cinnamon and apple. One of my latest favourite products is partially the smell of sweet cinnamon and its becoming addicting :) (Review to come soon!) Also the smell of mulberry wine.. I mean wow! My mum even buys the ambi pur air freshners at christmas so that our house is filled with the yummy fragrance.. I love it :)

Being allowed to bring a massive great tree into the lounge!! Now my mum doesnt go all out but I love visiting my daddy at christmas because he always has the biggest tree possible in his sitting room! Sometimes I think he'd like to make a hole in the roof just to fit an even bigger one in!( Kinda like the guy below) Plus theres that yummy smell that fills the room and I love the piles of needles that accumilate around it for some strange reason..

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I think that the build upto christmas is about the only time I bring myself to wear red.. whether that means red lipstick nails or clothes.. it seems to be the only time I pull it out. But hey its nice to have a change :) even if I do look a bit odd!

Christmas clothes and accessories.. Okay so I don't own any christmas clothes though i'd love an oversized tank top with rudolph on to wear on christmas day! That'd be brillant :D but instead I went for the jewellery and bought 2 sets of bauble earrings from this ebay seller here. I'll admit I look a bit of a goof with them on at the moment but it's not quite the time yet.

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Mistletoe Kisses! I discovered these yummy things last year when they launched are they are sooo good :D I wish they were sold all year round! "Three Galaxy chocolate pieces with an indulgent mousse & caramel centre." Doesnt that just sound so yummy?!

FOOD! I love having so much food in the house, covering the table on christmas day with mountains of meat and vegetables. Unlike probably a lot of you I love sprouts! So I love the huge amount of them that seem to appear at christmas. Also.. turkey &stuffing sandwiches.. yum!! & the big chunk of ham that is always left over untill about new years day because it was just far too big.. but whos complaining? Bring on the cold ham, turkey, pickled onions, fresh warm bread and yummy goodness! :D ..yes I love my food! haha

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I spent the past weekend preparing for my little brother &sisters christmas fete and had tonnes of fun getting my creative side out again! Now for christmas I have baubles to decorate and a cracker to fill as a sort of secret santa for my brother and then decorate too! Christmas seems to bring out the creative in a lot of us it seems! I'm even thinging of making my christmas cards this year.. plus it would be a lot cheaper!!!

I love how there is a christmas film on everynight leading upto christmas.. it sort of builds the excitement and gets everyone in the house in the festive spirit. So we start the fire and curl up on the sofas with some nibbles and watch :)

Ofcourse it's amazing how every body seems so happy and jolly throughout the streets and even on the phone.. makes the days go quicker and a hell of a lot better!

&finally.. just like Lauren I love to bake! & christmas time is the absolute best time to make tonnes of batches of cookies, cakes, muffins, shortbread and tonnes of other yummy things. As I do it this year i'll post pictures of what I produce :)

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Hope you liked this post! &I know it's mega early but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS :)

♥ abby xx


  1. ahhh wicked post sweets!!
    I love Mistletoe Kisses! too! eek! im so excited its christmasss!



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