6 things that i cannot live without: tag

It really is hard to find just 6 items that you cannot live without! I have been pondering them for a couple of days now and came up with some sort of structure i guess.. I decided to pick 1 Hair product, 1 Makeup product, 1 Skincare product and 3 Miscellaneous and here is what I eventually decided upon..

Hair product here - John Frieda Sheer Blonde Spun Gold Hair Balm. I dont need a hair drier, no straightners nothing I need this! although there are a couple of other products that help my hair on its way, this is the one that really gives my hair its shine and calms any frizz it is especially useful now that the wind hits me in the mornings as I walk to work and fluffs my hair out! A small touch of this stroked through my hair and its all pretty again :)

Maxfactor False Lashes Mascara- only mascara that I have repurchased - ever! and I will again and again :)

King of Skin - may be my newly found love but it is incredible and there is no way i'm turning back! I use it atleast every other day on my legs and it is the only thing i have ever used that doesn't make them blotchy, i love love loveee it :)

Garnier Pure SOS Spot Treatment Pen - incredible at targeting spots and keeping them at bay. It may cost £4.99 for this tiny tube and not last a vast amount of time but it is the only thing that really does its job for me &i'm very greatful of its skill to do so.

Both Nivea & Avon Eye creams - You may of seen these in my skincare routine post.. They really are pretty important for me, without these my eyes would look dead and dull everyday and that just isnt something any of us want is it?

Dental floss - this may sound a bit weird as my 6th thing. But since having braces and having to clean my teeth everyday I find it really irritating not doing so but often I just cannot bring myself to carry a toothbrush around everywhere with me so this comes instead :) i'd feel really horrible greeting people if I didnt use this as much as I do!

Nobody in particular tagged me to do this. I simply decided to after seeing it on a number of blogs. So if you fancy trying to give it a go then go ahead :) I tag YOU!

♥ abby xx


  1. Heyy, I've nominated you for an award on my blog

  2. That hair balm sounds great! Will check it out. x

  3. i nominated you on my blog:)


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