Last minute gifting! An easy list of things to buy

21 December 2017

Most people wouldn't dream of ordering Christmas presents online at this point and whilst buying online over the next couple of days is cutting it fine it's still possible to receive presents in time for the big day. If you're desperately in need of some last minute gifts then I have found that asos is the winning website for great easy-to-buy gifts and on-point next day delivery (especially if you're subscribed to asos premier delivery).

Order by the midnight tonight (21st dec) with asos standard delivery and by midday on Saturday 23rd for their next day delivery - Click here for the confirmed dates.

using advent calendars to get through January

20 December 2017

Though we may only have 4 days left on our advent calendars, 5 if you're lucky, believe it or not there are still calendars for sale. It feels like the world of simple chocolate countdowns is being taken over by the more elaborate, and significantly more expensive, gift advent calendar, not that we're complaining because who doesn't want a gift a day for a month? A skincare product, piece of jewellery, lipstick or any manner of other items (like gin, yes 24 days of gin is definitely a thing!)

A couple of years ago I bought a Ciate mini mani month at a discounted price because December was almost over, I did that so that I could continue the joy of a countdown throughout January. Of course we know January isn't 24-25 days long but it is notoriously one of the the roughest months of the year so to help keep those January blues at bay why not buy one of these gift-y advent calendars. A little nail polish by one of my favourite brands every day sure felt pretty great while feeling poor and back at work after the rush of Christmas!

shoes that get straight to the point

19 December 2017

There was a time where I really hated pointy shoes. I refused to go near footwear that had a pointy toes, black tights and any form of glittery clothing but now I love all of these things, especially when combined in one awesome outfit.

Pointed heel shoes and boots are some of the easiest to wear pieces of footwear because they glam up any old outfit. Shove an oversized knit dress on top of some leggings for serious comfort then add a pair of Ravel red heeled boots and you've got a much more pretty ensemble.

asos save list: party season

17 December 2017

Party season is well underway but for those still looking out for the perfect last minute outfit for this weeks Christmas do asos have all of the great brands, gorgeous dresses and incredible footwear possible.

With so many great pieces to choose from I've picked out some of my favourites that I'd love to own simply to have pride of place in my wardrobe, let alone wear. I've also included the dress that I decided to buy and wear to this years Christmas party and a couple of favourites I intend on purchasing on payday.

craving: christmas jumpers

14 December 2017

With it being Christmas jumper day tomorrow I've been all over the internet looking for the best festive knitwear and pulled together some of my favourites.

Be it for an occasion or just because it's Christmas, most of us don't need an excuse to get involved in the festivities but if you require a little encouragement this year then try these on for size.

pretty gifts for her (that aren't makeup or skincare)

8 December 2017

It's here. Tis' the season where we all drive ourselves crazy trying to pick the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Thinking about what to buy female family and friends can be a bit tricky, especially if you want to avoid the standard beauty gift sets. Makeup gifts can ben hard due to selecting the right colours and skincare can be such a personal thing that preferences and allergies are hard to know. With that in mind I've put together a collection of ideas that aren't makeup or skincare and are sure to give everyone a smile.

shopping for adidas originals

29 November 2017

When talking about sports trainers there are few brands that come to mind and that's because they're the best and have been leading the way for so many years. Most sport-style trainer fans will have at least one pair of both Adidas and Nike trainers in their collection, though some will collect (and obsess over) just the one brand, making it their ambition to own each and every style that brand releases.

I myself have a pair of Nike Air Max trainers and am looking to add some Adidas trainers to my shoe collection. Of the two Adidas shoe types, Originals and Performance, it's the Adidas Originals style and functionality that appeals to me the most. The Campus, Gazelle and Stan Smith low rise trainers seem to be the most popular as well as the easiest to wear and style.

Nail polish perfect for autumn

27 November 2017

The autumn season is full to the brim with beautiful colours and we all have our favourites that we love to wear throughout these chilly (and wet) months. It's easy to show our go-to fall shades through clothes, accessories, nail polish or even eyeshadow that we choose to wear. The easiest (and cheapest) way to inject these gorgeous shades is through nail varnish and with a million and one colours and brands to choose from you're guaranteed to find the one.

home style | decorating the space between spaces

19 November 2017

When thinking about redecorating your home a lot of people won't consider the in-betweens, the places you use frequently but pay no mind to and the details that are important in those spaces. Of course i'm talking about hallways. Decorating a hallway is much like connecting the dots. You want the hall to work with, and in some way reflect, each room that it leads to otherwise it can look out of place in your home.

Having recently finished decorating each of the upstairs rooms the hallway required a makeover to complete this part of the house. Pulling elements from each of the fours rooms the hallway space now sits comfortably between them.

a lush wishlist

9 November 2017

Lush cosmetics is one of those stores that everyone has heard of and tried at least something from, be it a bath bomb, moisturising cream or lip balm. With that in mind and the winter collections launching I have picked out some of the products everyone loves and some to have a go at.

home style wishlist | pink & gold

8 November 2017

When thinking about furnishing your home for the first time it's not always about choosing the bits and pieces that you want to decorate with but rather getting a hold of the necessities (whether they match or not). So it feels great when you get the opportunity to actually choose a theme for a room or even the whole house.

One thing that's clear at the moment is that metallics are on trend and easy to get a hold of. Be it gold, silver or rose gold, decorating your home with these luxe style objects gives a room a chic finish to what could otherwise be very simply styled decor.

With blush pink being another trend of the moment and gold popping up in every store this list of pink and gold stylish home decor pieces is sure to inspire.

pink and gold home furnishings
Concrete and gold cluster light pendant | Black and gold wall clock | Pink herringbone throw blanket | Black and gold scented candle | Pink and gold scented candle | Geommetric gold wire round lamp | Soft pink arm chair | Mirrored hexagon side table | Pink geommetric toothebrush holder | Pink geommetric soap dispenser | Faux fur (mongolian) cushion | Soft pink ottoman bench | Pink and gold geommetric cushion

new in: molly bracken trainers

30 October 2017

Molly Bracken is a brand that you may not have come across before as it doesn't feature prominently on many of the websites where their range is sold. That doesn't mean the brand should be overlooked. While this write up focusses on their shoes, Molly Bracken have some unique and stylish clothing that could easily become a staple or special piece in your wardrobe.

Introducing The Molly Bracken 'Dales'; a pair of velvet low top trainers with ribbon laces.

asos save list

16 October 2017

Today we're throwing back to a feature launched last year but not yet touched on in 2017 despite asos being an (almost) daily lookup for style inspiration, personal shopping and gift buying.

Asos is a constantly updating source of great style and a huge variety of brands so it's no wonder that we all use the save list as much as we do. That, combined with the rewards scheme, everyone loves an asos delivery.

So here are some top picks from sale and new in at the moment that are likely to turn your head this autumn or even be the perfect gift for a friend (dare you think about Christmas this early??)

craving: statement boots

8 October 2017

Statement shoes is hardly a new idea to fall upon the fashion world with velvet and hi-shine boots in particular having been around for many years. However this year has seen an increase in the stand-out shoe and the way it's worn. With basic and sport luxe outfits becoming, what seems like, more widely worn than ever before it's a good time for the statement shoes to step into the limelight. Focussing on boots in particular because that's where my mind goes when thinking of any shoes, not just the stand-out styles it's clear that the high street shops and online store have upped their game recently and are offering a variety of gorgeous accessories that weren't designed to blend in.

This particular collection that attracted attention from the mountain of variety on category pages are from Zara, New Look, Kate Spade, Missguided, Asos, Topshop, Nasty Gal and others. (All links are listed below)

trending: reds

26 September 2017

For a number of years varying deep red colours have been on trend throughout the colder seasons and this year appears to be no different than the last. Be it a top-to-toe burgundy outfit, dark red knitted accessories or a simple sparkling wine nail polish it's hard to resist the allure that these rich red colours present. With that in mind, shopping for wine coloured items becomes much easier starting from around this time of year so finding trending pieces in your favourite shades and at good prices isn't as difficult as you might first have thought.

fringe it

17 September 2017

Fringing and tassels seem to be a very much left over trend that was perfect for the many (many) festivals that happened all over the world this summer. With the big (muddy) parties coming to an end the trends are moving on and little remains from what was the sunny and warm summer months. Fringing may stick around but if you have none and fancy yourself a bit of fringe then it might be best to grab it before it disappears again and forms into a token fringe - as represented by tassels.

backpacks for all

28 August 2017

With ‘back to school’ being the theme of the summer there are some great looking rucksacks about. Granted the majority of businesses are targeting kids and teenagers but with that are some quite grown-up looking contemporary and simply styled pieces as well as backpacks with pretty and on trend patterns. As an adult having a rucksack is a good idea for a multitude of reasons from picnics on the moor to beach days and day trips to theme parks. You don’t have to have a young family for a rucksack to be useful and you don’t have to suffer with childish or ugly designs either as this little selection shows.

Reasons why women want tape in hair extensions

22 August 2017

There are a great many reasons why women want tape in extensions though some of the more popular reasoning why we opt for extensions may not be as clear to us or our stylists.

changing colour & style
At the moment it's extremely popular to have colourful highlights of tape in hair put in. Regular highlights and ombre effects are also on trend but because constantly colouring your hair can be very unhealthy it's worth looking into other options. If you choose to use tape in extensions, you can use coloured tape in extensions or mix different colours of extensions to create the look and hair style you really want. Stylists may even desire to deposit colour on the extensions to get the look you're after. Using this method, you are adding the colour to the head of hair without causing damage to it from chemicals that are in hair dye.

growing hair out
When deciding to grow your hair out, almost always, there is a period of time when the hair style just doesn't seem to look right but there are temporary things that you can do to make your hair look so much better. The simplest option for improved length and volume would be to make use of some shorter tape in extensions.

body jewellery

9 August 2017

source:pinterest - click for original imageSince ancient times body jewellery has been a part of the culture and heritage of different religions. It has been known to be an essential part of the clothing and appearance of the people in many regions of the world and at different parts of time throughout the centuries it was also used to signify the class demarcations prevalent in society at that point of time.

In recent times body jewellery has acquired a new dimension. It has never been in such high demand. The human body is not merely a body but a piece of art which has its own innate beauty. Birthstone rings can be a great way to enhance the beauty of your body. Not only can you decorate your body with it, but you can also use it to bring into focus or enhance the beauty of certain parts.

Body jewellery items are usually designed specifically for particular places on the human body and these more common places for body jewellery include the nose, eyebrow, nipple, ear lobes and naval, along with ear plugs (both curved and straight barbells). As fashion trends keep changing, the varying parts where you can use body jewellery and the way in which you can use it also keeps changing and developing and people seek to be more adventurous and original with their piercings.

Who are you #InspiredBy?

4 July 2017

When I came across the #InspiredBy eBook on this week, it got me thinking about the strong, independent women that have inspired me most throughout my life. Of course, family members and friends are always top of the list but with the media playing such a huge part in our lives these days, celebrities and public figures are also incredibly influential.

Sportswear and the right shoes

17 June 2017

No matter what exercise you do or sports you like to partake in you can pretty much guarantee that there is a shoe and sportswear out there that has been specifically designed for it.

Not going out. Not staying in.

23 May 2017

We all have a favourite time of year, be it autumn when the leaves are dropping or spring when there are daffodils everywhere.

A significant number of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with the statistics showing as high as 1 in 3 people struggling through the winter months.Cosying up by the fire in winter with your loved ones or going for a brisk walk in the winter chill and if you’re lucky pausing for a snowball fight and bit of sledging can make all the difference when it comes to the way you’re feeling. The important thing is to be happy it what you’re doing; do the things that make you and your family happy.

How to decide which shoes to take on holiday

29 April 2017

Choosing which shoes to pack for a trip abroad is decided by three things; weight, style and location. Be it a hen weekend away in Europe, a trip with your loved one around the world or an activity filled family holiday, the shoes you wear can make or break your poor tired feet or your luggage allowance if you don't choose wisely.

considering safety while travelling

27 April 2017

Travel is a big word, one that we we use or atleast partake in every day. Be it travelling to work, to the airport or across continents, travelling is pretty essential to our daily lives as well as satisfying our need to explore.

beauty trends this summer

26 April 2017

Beauty trends come and go and some of them can be pain to keep on top of but this summer the trend seems to be all about making beauty easily manageable and that's very apparent in this collection of skincare and makeup beauty trends. All are easy to follow and save time, money or both. A great excuse to get on board with the latest hype!

how to wear joggers

14 April 2017

With activewear being worn as a casual and every day attire becoming increasingly popular it's clear that some of these pieces of gym-wear can be really diverse day to day as they make more appearances throughout magazines, social media and as a result of the trend; high street stores.

Jogging bottoms used to be something that would only be worn to workout in (or chill out in) but now thanks to the likes of a handful of trend setting celebs we have opened out eyes to how these comfy bottoms can be suitable for any occasion if they're styled well.

why should you look after your dogs teeth?

13 April 2017

Looking after your pooch is a fulltime job and taking care of their teeth is something you need to be aware of. It may seem like an obvious thing to do but so many people consider almost everything but still by-pass doggy dental care and it can cause so many issues for your four-legged best friend.

new in: Dune heeled courts

30 March 2017

The mission is to find a pair of gorgeous and classy, comfortable and great quality, suitably high heeled shoes at an affordable price. In steps Dune London, a footwear brand that consistently create beautifully stylish heeled and flat shoes, including these light gold pointed toe courts.

a JD Williams wishlist

22 March 2017

Discovering new or unknown brands is part of the fun of online shopping. JD Williams is a store offering everyday style and stand-out pieces from a wide variety of brands that with fit and flatter your figure. Looking at the variety on-trend clothing from their collections and different ways to style them this season; it's easy to find reasons to shop JD Williams womenswear.

haircare tips for coloured hair

19 March 2017

Consider the golden rules for caring for your hair, do you know what they are? Or do you assume that you know? Caring for colour-treated hair is much the same but keeping long-lasting colour and well conditioned hair requires a little more thought. From the right amount of times you should wash your hair to using treatments and choosing the best hair dryers uk, consider these haircare top tips for looking after coloured hair.

that velvet trend

9 March 2017

Velvet has been lingering through a number of seasons now, establishing itself as a firm trend that looks as though it'll be sticking around for a little longer. What started off as a collection of simple flat velvet or velour jackets and handbags has developed into a crushed velvet overload with mesh panels, velvet inserts on elbows and velvet kneepads on your favourite jean styles. Is it great or just awful and has the velet trend gone too far?

the wedding guest dilemma: what to wear for every dress code

8 March 2017

No matter how many weddings you attend every year, it never gets any easier to pick out something to wear. From navigating the dress code to keeping the potential weather in mind, choosing your outfit for a wedding is always a nightmare. This is made worse by the absence of a dress code on the invitation. While the bride might think she’s being free-spirited and breaking free of tradition, all she is really doing is adding to the stress and ensuring that half of her guests feel overdressed with the other half feel underdressed. Navigate the wedding dress code with these helpful hints:

wedding guest dress code dilemma

wedding planning: buying a wedding dress

2 March 2017

Uk Millybridal Wedding Dresses

There are many articles of advice offering tips when buying a wedding dress and while they all offer a variety of steps to cover the majority will cover the basics of thinking about you, trying on a variety of styles and shopping around among other bits of solid advice. Starting with the basics allows you to avoid over-complicating the process and over-thinking what you're doing to find your perfect bridal gown because it really doesn't have to be daunting.

trending trainers

27 February 2017

Wearing trainers during exercise and nothng else hasn't been the norm for a very long time and lately it seems more and more people are opting to wear workout suitable trainers as a fashion statement instead of their intended purpose.

Whilke the average pair of hi-tops or slip ons are eveywhere and worn day-to-day, seeing high tech running trainers about town or at lunch is a little odd. Rather than limiting your perfectly formed exercise shoes to a workout I see why the appeal of wearing a comfy go-to shoe has won over so many people. It makes sense to jump onboard a comfortable trend while it lasts (before the unusually shaped skyscraper heel trend takes off).

plus size shopping tips for the fashion girl

14 February 2017

If you're a fashionista that is constantly searching for fashionable clothing that accentuates your curves you know that sometimes it is not easy to find exactly what it is that you are looking for. Unfortunately, the world of high fashion is often geared to the super skinny leaving the rest of the populus with much fewer options when it comes to shopping.

If you fall outside of the “normal” size standard you are then conveniently thrust into the plus size shopping category.You may be asking, who gets to make up these rules, labels and categories? The answer is not that simple but mostly the designers and the apparel industry controls the guidelines.

Regardless of the world we live in being realistic and pragmatic when it comes to finding the best available options in shopping for plus size fashions doesn’t have to feel like a challenge.

Whether shopping online or at a department store or boutique read on for some tips to scoring fabulous plus size fashion items.

online shopping tips 

keeping your skin hydrated during the winter months

2 February 2017

When you don't have the time nor energy to moisturise properly throughout the week, it's time to come up with easy ways to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months.

wedding planning: bridesmaids

31 January 2017

So you're planning your wedding and the bridesmaids have already been picked, they know who they are and have a vague idea of the responsibility that has been thrust upon them. You have their dresses and then comes the next fun bit! Now you get to shop for all of their jewellery and accessories, confirm their hair and their makeup and plan your vision for how they will look on the day.

new in: Dr Martens persephone

30 January 2017

Dr Martens are one of the most recognisable brands of footwear around. There's no mistaking the yellow stitching and big loop label on the heel of a pair of black classic docs. Even when it comes to their full range of colours, finishes and quirky prints you can always spot a 4, 8 or 10 eyelet Dr Marten pair of boots.