pretty gifts for her (that aren't makeup or skincare)

It's here. Tis' the season where we all drive ourselves crazy trying to pick the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Thinking about what to buy female family and friends can be a bit tricky, especially if you want to avoid the standard beauty gift sets. Makeup gifts can ben hard due to selecting the right colours and skincare can be such a personal thing that preferences and allergies are hard to know. With that in mind I've put together a collection of ideas that aren't makeup or skincare and are sure to give everyone a smile.

If you still want to gift a beauty product but one that's easier to choose then fruity perfumes will do the trick. They're not hard to find, sweet but not over-the-top and easy to wear. Gifting a perfume can be a seen as a very personal gift so if you're looking for it to be received that way then choosing a more unique fruity fragrance with a special looking bottle will definitely have that effect.

A good bottle of prosecco is always well received so why not go one step further with some prosecco themed gifts alongside it. Pretty glasses or delicious truffles are good options to team with a bottle and for something a bit more fun how about prosecco pong; the american game of beer pong but with a girly twist.

cute slippers
Everyone needs a good and cosy pair of slippers it really is as simple as that. The Independent have some idea of what makes a good slipper, with the last pair of booties being my favourite and very similar to the pair I have.

perfectly pretty tasty treats
It's easy to gift chocolate but if you're looking for something a bit more special or unique then find a pretty chocolate from somewhere like Hotel Chocolat or your local Christmas market.

unicorn everything
Most people are a sucker for a good unicorn product. Be it multi-coloured and white chocolate, a dressing gown or mood lights, there are so many unicorn inspired novelty gifts out there to choose from.

gorgeous gadgets
Gifting technology can range from the elaborate such as Beats headphones or an iWatch to the simple such as a power bank or mini bluetooth speaker.

travel accessories
Passport holders, luggage tags and card holders all come in pretty and classy designs, often in sets and by great designers so with most people loving to travel (or at least commute) these gifts are something you know will get used.

glittery stationery
I'm a sucker for stationery. Be it a novelty pen, cute eraser, glittery notepad or doughnut shaped post-its easy to find great stationery gifts in places like Paperchase or Hobbycraft.

♥ abby


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