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Wearing trainers during exercise and nothng else hasn't been the norm for a very long time and lately it seems more and more people are opting to wear workout suitable trainers as a fashion statement instead of their intended purpose.

Whilke the average pair of hi-tops or slip ons are eveywhere and worn day-to-day, seeing high tech running trainers about town or at lunch is a little odd. Rather than limiting your perfectly formed exercise shoes to a workout I see why the appeal of wearing a comfy go-to shoe has won over so many people. It makes sense to jump onboard a comfortable trend while it lasts (before the unusually shaped skyscraper heel trend takes off).

From Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Asics and more there are so many stylish and stand-out trainers out there that are designed with exercise in mind. Consider Nikes incredible reputation when it comes to trainers and all of the variety of styles they have (from the air max to thejuvenate) it would be hard not to find a pair of great fitting trainers that you could wear on a daily basis.

With so many styles, great brands and colours to choose from it's no wonder sports trainers are in the limelight. Pink, gold, floral, black, white and generally simple, stylish shoes are a no brainer, add in the comfort and diversity of this type of shoe and they're surely a winning option.

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