little things & happy distractions : october

This months post is more about items than distractions, beauty products mostly and that's because I haven't been able to find that many distractions from the mounds of work and planning I've been doing. Aside from a glass of wine and tv shows on in the background it's been all about getting-on-with-it this past month so the things I've pulled out for this post are beauty items and pretty things in my home.

The one thing noteably missing from this list is a candle (or 12) partly because I didn't want to put one near my paper flower bit also because they we lit and would mess up the photo. Ever since the clocks changed I've been burning candles more and more frequently because I love both the smell and the ambience that they give my home. I'd consider putting together a candle wishlist as I love them that much. :P

eos mint
My love for eos products grows with every new lip balm I try. This month in particular I'm using the mint balm which is so beautifully fresh and doesn't leave a nsty taste or residue. I definitely recommend eos lip balms as a nice little gift - especially if it's for me. ;)

nyx brow pencil
I ordered the NYX Micro Brow Pencil because I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on my usual Anastasia Beverley Hills brow wiz (which I still love). These two products are quite comparable with the NYX pencil being a good alternative to Brow Wiz in terms of finish and the fine point of the pencil though I have discovered that it will run out quicker than my Brow Wiz usually does.

paper flowers
I ordered a selection of paper flowers from SammyDress because they're super cute and I'm thinking about using them as part of my wedding decoration. I have this peachy colour and some white flowers as well which are currently dotted about my lounge and wardrobe room, prettying things up a bit and giving a much more girly vibe to my home decor! I really like them and thing that hanging in a barn or marquee they'll look really lovely.

alpha h liquid gold
I've blogged about the Alpha-H liquid gold in more detail before (read here) but this bad boy has been digging me out of some bad skin moments recently. I use it on my skin over night and the spots and blemishes are dramatically reduced by morning so it's pretty much my saving grace and a must-have for my dressing table.

botanics micellar cleanser
I've also mentioned this botanics water in a little things post before but seeing as it's been doing wonders for me as part of my consistent skincare routine I thought it worth bringing up again. It's such a lovely light and effective cleanser that leaves my skin feeling fresh and without traces or makeup, I've even found it to be good on my eyes which is a nice bonus for the days where a balm is a bit too much.

zoeva brushes
Last Christmas I received the rose gold brush collection after featuring it in one of my christmas wishlist posts (which means they work! Thank you mum!). They've lasted me all year without falling apart and I love how super soft they've stayed, without shedding and always while setting my makeup perfectly. 

benefit face powder
I may have spoken about this Benefit powder before but when I was thinking about my most used and favourite items from the previous month I knew I had to feature this one because of how sad I was about hitting it's pan. :(

clinique baby tint
I've been reaching for my Clinique chubby stick baby tint more frequently as it's just a nice tint of colour that isn't too much to me. I think I've become afraid of lipsticks again so while I attempt to get over that fear I'll be nurturing the baby tint.

apple perfume
Having used tyhe same perfume (Vera Wang Princess) for a very very long time despite having a sizeable collection of frangrances, I've been using DKNY Be Delicious as my dominent scent this mont. It's usnual for my to change my preferred perfume over and I'm not sure what spurred it but I'm enjoying using Be Delicious and think it might continue on for a while.

ring holders
My collection of rings has grown to be pretty huge and to go with it I appear to have gained more ring holders. I have had this little giraffe for a while now but he's kinda my favourite, I like to hang some super thing midi rings on his tail. :)

tv and books
Once again I've not been finding the time to read. I think that last month I got in all of 5 pages of the Game of Thrones book I'm (still) reading before being distracted or falling to sleep. It's not good! I am however watching a lot of tv because I often have it on in the background while cooking, cleaning, blogging and everything else-ing. My main love being Bones. Oh how I love Bones and Booth, theire my absolute favourite on-screen duo and while I have seen a number of episodes already because I used to watch it when living with my parents, it's been great watching the show develop and become what it is today. Hands down one of my top 3 tv shows of all time. ♥

♥ abby



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