little things & happy distractions of recent months

If there is a single point in time that I've needed happy distractions the most it's now. There are a significant amount of not nice things in my life right now and while I've had two pretty awful moments over the past couple of months I've also reached some pretty huge milestones myself and I've had wonderful things going on around me. Looking at the positives is so (so) hard at times like this and I admit, I am struggling, but that's why I've written this list of little (and big things) to remind me to look at them and be proud/happy.

Paris & Disneyland
Turning 25 is a bit 'meh' I wasn't excited nor dreading the age after-all it really is just a number. But I couldn't have organised a better way to spend the few days surrounding my birthday than what my boyfriend had in store for me. Visiting Paris and Disneyland was such a fantastic treat! Both locations were incredible and I especially want to go back to Paris to explore more. It's a truly beautiful and very style-conscious city, I need to return to see even more!

passing my driving test
After a long awaited decision to start driving again I passed my test at the end of August and proceeded to by a simple little lilac corsa the next day, naming him Lotso after the Toy Story strawberry scented bear (because he's a bit of an ass!)

mortgage managed
We're finally proceeding with buying our house and although it's being going on for a few months now I hope that we'll complete soon!

my best friends wedding
Early in August my best friend got married! I was her maid of honour and it was such a beautiful happy day!

Then there are a few little things I'm loving; not nearly as important but still nice to share as they all impact my mood in their own way.

my everyday jewellery
From a simply gold necklace I received as a christmas gift last year to my everyday rings made up of my nans old jewellery and my engagement ring, jewellery plays an important part in my life. Each item has a thought or memory tied to it which makes me love it all even more.

Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser
I definitely prefer tinted moisturiser over foundation, though the Clinique moisture surge has more foundation properties than my alternative; Garnier BB Cream. This tinted moisturiser has great coverage and lasts through the day, it sits well on my skins and I've repurchased many a bottle.

Khaki is love. On nails, boots, pencil skirts, knitwear, plants (shout out to my little succulents) and more so I wrote a post and made a collage of what I can only describe as a beautiful fabrication of a khaki life.

planning my dressing room revamp 
I've pretty much planned out my entire wardrobe room on IKEA site using their PAX system to design my wardrobes and shelving to be exactly what I need. I can't wait to start the work next year!

Between Sons of Anarchy, Once Upon a Time, Reign and Bones I'm addicted to Netflix. My happy place is on my sofa with Milo and a duvet, watching Netflix with Pinterest open on my macbook and a glass of Barefoot white zinfandel in my hand.

witches of east end
Jenna Dewan-Tatum is my love, ever since she and Channing Tatum took to the studio in Step Up I have adored her from afar so when I discovered she was in a witch-y series I had to watch it and fall in love all over again. ;) If you like shows with a bit of magic, sex, danger and mystery solving then Witches of East End is for you. It's set in modern day and I really like it so I'm pretty gutted that only two seasons were made.

taking care of hands and nails
Moisturing my hands (mostly using Bath and Body Works products) and painting my nails has become one of the only times I'm able to sit and do next-to-nothing which I love! Some of my favourite nail shades at the moment are Essie sew psyched, Barry M matte burgundy and Julep metallic.

I'm not really doing any reading at the moment, that would be assuming that I had time to read.. I don't. I've been watching a lot of series on Netflix because it's easy to multi-task with the TV on but reading requires your full attention and I just haven't had time to dedicate to it unfortunately.

♥ abby 


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