craving: succulent khaki

I fancy khaki. There, I said it. Khaki green plants and fluffy green cushions right down to fitted midi skirts and shimmering nail polish, I want them all on and around me. :D

Because of this I've put together a little wishlist, much smaller than my usual bulk of products that I use to create a collage and I've also put it together in a different style, I hope you like!

belted mac, miss selfridge
A lightweight belted mac will slip over any autumnal shade and look fab, this one is soft and flowing and would look great undone, layered on top of berry and grey or beige shades.

lace trim shorts, only
I've been lusting after these relaxed shorts for some time. The lace trim, soft material and the way it hang make them perfectly stylish for in between seasons, and tied waist makes them more relaxed than they first appear. I'm pretty excited to receive these in the post very soon!

pointed ankle boots, asos
Almost everybody I know is well aware of my affection for ankle boots (boots in general really) so it's only right that I would add a pair of khaki green pointy ankle boots from asos' own collection to my collection at home. :)

fringed clutch, asos
Aside from my Minkoff oversized clutch bag I seem to only own relatively girly clutches that are either glam or quite light in colour so a slightly edgy and stylish suede khaki clutch with fringing would be a nice alternative to have. I'm picturing it with the usual autumnal shades as well as some muted shimmer in an outfit.

succulent wall art, notonthehighstreet
I love a bit of wall art; stickers, canvas' or otherwise so the idea of a giant khaki succulent plant on a pure white wall is perfect to me. If I could just find an appropriate size wall for it!

'sloane ranger' nail polish, butter london
I'm probably going to get told off for this but I can't remember the last time that my fingers were without nail polish for more than an hour or so.. I need colours in my life and I have so many to choose from to me it'd be mad not to. Khaki green is one of my favourite shades to don, I especially like to mix it up with a matte top coat or a little gold or rose gold glitter here and there.

cactus plant, homebase
There's something so simple, pretty and yet dangerous about a cactus, they're the perfect khaki green house accessory - so long as they're kept out of the way of children and pets. Milo can reach any surface which is why I'm more of a succulent plant kind of person but I like the idea of the crochet and knitted cactus' on Etsy.

succulent in a terrarium, notonthehighstreet
Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes and I kind of want them all. The best place to house a cactus for me would be in a terrarium but as I've mentioned, I'm more of a succulent kinda girl and having an Echeveria of some sort in a geometric framed glass vase would look fab on my new dressing table.

♥ abby


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