rimmel cobalt blue nails

After the disappointment in my last nail polish based blog post I purchased this brighter and better blue nail varnish by Rimmel from my local Boots. I'll admit that Rimmel isn't usually a brand that I would reach for when it comes to nail varnish or anything else either really, I'm a bit of a nail polish snob in that sense (excluding my dated collection of Barry M nail paints of course) that being said, I really like this product and it's surprised me. The pay off is good, just two coats are needed and the durability definitely outlasts my Barry M and Nails Inc polishes I've used. The consistency makes it easy to apply, my only complaint would be the brush, but that's because I'm used to the wonderfully wide essie brush.

This brilliant blue shade is called 198 Azure which is such a boring name, they need to be more inventive, it's a bit of a yawn-fest .. There's something more exclusive and pretty about wearing a polish called 'penny talk' or 'dulce de leche' - Told you I'm a nail polish snob.

I've painted my nails with this blue shade three times in a row now which almost never happens, the third time I decided to add a coat of Ciate snow globe for a little something extra.

What do you think of Rimmel nail varnish? Or blue nails even?

♥ abby


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