january degustabox review

After receiving my first Degustabox late last year I decided to subscribe to this monthly food delivery service and so I thought i'd share with you what is in the box each month. My January box arrived on the 25th of the month so i've had time to try all of these lovely foodie bits! This box was a little different because I hadn't tried any of the brands contained in the box, i'd heard of a few but never bought or tried them and that is what I love about Degustabox - It introduces me to new brands and flavours that ordinarily I wouldn't give a second glance. So on to the products;

devon cereals berry granola
This cereal is so lovely! It's sweet and fruity and oaty and so delicious with vanilla yogurt instead of milk. I'm tempted to make a batch of white chocolate berry granola cakes! Can you imagine .. yum. Maybe i'll make and blog them soon? :)

amy's kitchen chunky tomato soup
I'm not the biggest fan of soup really, especially tomato but this one was pretty different to the average tomato soup and worth a go if you're being told tomato is the way forward as I often am.

goody good stuff fruit sweets
These were so yummy and fruity but sweet, the perfect healthy sweetie snack. I regrettably opened both packs whilst we had the lads over and had to share so they were gone in a flash. I will be hunting these down to repurchase some!

jules destrooper butter crisps
I chose to eat these alone in a moment of hunger but they would be delicious with vanilla or raspberry ripple icecream, I wish if held out but a snack was needed ..

alice & oscars express quinoa
I still can't pronounce 'quinoa' for the life of me but I don't care because it tastes pretty good and is a healthy grain to have around. These convininent sachets are great too, I actually take rice sachets/bag to work for lunch at the moment so to did into a quinoa for a change was quite nice :)

go! kombucha china white fermented raw tea
What can I say .. I'm not a fan unfortunately. I understand the healthy benefits and everything but this fermented tea is just not to my taste. A person who likes their drinks fragrant and perfumey like earl grey etc would probably really like it.

zico chocolate coconut water
I love a bit of coconut in sweets, mains dishes and things but up until now i'd never tried coconut water let alone chocolate flavoured. I'll admit that it seems to have an acquired taste but after a quarter of the bottle I did start to quite enjoy it. I think less the chocolate flavour it would be even nicer.

garofalo capellini
Having not knowingly tried anything that looks like spaghetti other than spaghetti itself i'm interested to see how the thinner option will differ and change our favourite meals.

maggi so tender so juicy
I can't wait to try these as i've been using other 'cook in the bag' products but yet to try any by maggi

♥ abby


  1. i really want to try the goody good stuff sweeties!

    Rachel | ascottishrose

    1. They're lovely! Definitely worth a hunt for :) x

  2. now I'm hungry haha xo

  3. Wow..I haven't heard about this box but I'm going to look into it now. It looks right up my street!

    1. Agreed, I think you'd really like it lovely :) xx

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