craving: autumn winter knitwear

Shopping for knitwear has to be one of my favourite things and this is absolutely reflected in the sheer number of cardigans and jumpers I have. At a quick count from my recent dressing room renovation I have approximately 21 cardigans but more staggeringly I have 52 jumpers. I agree that it is a lot but it doesn't stop me looking for more cute and stylish knits to add to my ever-growing collection (I just don't tell Shaun!)

There seems to always be something new that I don't have anything like, the high neck sleeveless rib knit for example or the roll neck slim fitting cream jumper. Then there's the incorporation of trend details like lace up sides and cold shoulders that draw me in and attract me to certain pieces of knitwear. I seem to have a lot of grey jumpers and cardigans and as greys seem to be my go-to shade of choice lately (represented in my Instagram feed) so I've tried to avoid opting for greys but the things I know I have enough of always seem to find a way into my basket.

At the moment I'm loving wearing a simple jumper under one of my biker jackets, often with the front side slightly tucked into a pair of jeans, that or a long-ish knit over some leggings or dark jeggings and ofcourse a pair of boots. I've also been pairing high neck pieces with a black or gold choker depending on the colour and texture or the jumper.

Christmas jumpers are popping up all over the shops and while I'll collect together some of my favs over the coming month to share with you I thought I'd pull out these three because they were too cute to pass up. I especially had to show you the 'let it snow' motif jumper because of how damn cute the snowman is! I can't wait to dig out my christmas clothing and wear my knitted Christmas co-ords.

♥ abby


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