craving: dr martens

Coming soon to my boots collection... a pair of beautifully awesome hardcore Dr Martens. I just need to pick which pair are going to grace my feet and my new dressing room shoe shelves but there are so many great looking options to choose from that I thought I'd show some of my favourites before deciding.

One of my best friends is the biggest Dr Marten fan I know and is the reason why I'm so interested getting a pair. I'm sure Hannah wouldn't mind me saying that she's pretty much obsessed with docs and that to date she has 8 pairs, her go-to pair being a roughed up floral denim that I'm sure were her first. She even wore a pair of patent whites on her wedding day, of which I helped to customise. In place of the traditional laces they have silver ribbon and on the toe caps is a lace cutting from her altered wedding dress which was then lined with diamantes and pearls to match her bridesmaids customised converse. ♥

I'm after a pair that are simple and wearable that will go with almost anything so the most attractive Dr Martens to me are the black patent or those with the gloss skull and flock pattern. Then maybe for my second I'll opt for a design that's a bit more brave like the deep red or a snake skin pattern or both. There are so many options that I think look great including my favourites that I put in this collage - click here to see them all and more.

I'll leave you with an image of Hannah's bridal Dr Martens to enjoy. :D

♥ abby


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