little things & happy distractions: april

Once again my happy distractions for the month passed is lacking in books.. I figure that this is because I'm having trouble switching off from all of the things running through my mind. Between wedding planning and redecorating our home I don't seem to have time for a good book at the moment, maybe in May.

Pinterest for home decor
I'm a sucker for Pinterest as it's an easy escape as well as a very inspirational space. For me, filling my boards with beautifully decorated homes and things that I want to put in our home is something I love doing not only to inspire but also to keep my organised. My home decor board is leading the style of our lounge and bedroom, with some kitchen and dressing room inspo in between.

wedding planning
I'm sorting details for our wedding slowly but surely, last month I found my dress and got my shoes, this month I need to sort the room bookings and talk flowers with my chosen florist. It's all coming together and I'm really enjoying it still. :)

Vans minnie hat
Found on asos this is going to be my summer hat, an easy laid back trucker hat with a cute Minnie Mouse print on the front. I think it's pretty brilliant, cute but cool and can't wait to wear it.

ALDO clutch & YesStyle shoulder bag
I've got two favourite bags from April, starting with the clutch I bought from asos for a wedding. It's a small box clutch by Aldo with a white and gold geometric pattern on the front and back that looked great with my navy lace dress the day of the wedding and has time and time again since, all with very different outfits. The grey shoulder handbag is a beauty! It's from YesStyle and while I don't rate their site or even delivery service that much I do love this bag rather a lot. Grey is a colour that features heavily in my wardrobe and this handbag works with almost everything I own. It's been a beautiful addition to my collection and to my daily outfits.

layered drop necklace
Recently i've developed a love for layered multi-row necklaces. I have a number of pretty gold pieces from Forever 21 but this one is my favourite. It's a crystal drop and gold bar necklace that I got from asos earlier in the year and I don't wear it very often because I'm scared of over-wearing it so that it becomes discoloured.

Jack Wills textured nail polish
I'm not a fan of textured polish, that being said this Jack Wills navy polish has a silvery highlight to it that is especially shown when covered in a glossy top coat. I use a quick drying thick polish on top of the navy one to get that colour and it even out the strange gritty finish that a textured polish leaves.

Not too long ago I started using Spotify to listen to my music. I'd always been adamant I wanted to own the music that I listen to but I have headphones in during the most of my working week and there's only so much memory available on my phone so I succumbed to the pressures of using Spotify (after Deezer wasn't working for me). It's bee great! Not only do I enjoy the daily updated playlists but it's been great being able to reminisce over my old favourites and create my own playlists for things like this as well as lists for different parts of our wedding day.

NAKED illuminated shimmering powder
The Urban Decay Naked Highlight is a beautiful finish to evening looks that are to be a little flashier than every day. At least that's what it is for me as someone who only highlights their eyes daily and contours on some nights out.

Homeware shopping
Redecorating our lounge means shopping for all sorts of homeware goodies. From cushions and throws to tealight holders, frames and light fittings. I've been buying bits here and there with a variety of cushions from h&m, copper tealight holders from New Look, frames from Dunelm, a planter from asos and lots of other pretties. The lounge is finally starting to look the style I want thanks to these details and I can't wait to sort the furniture next.

Zara fringed boots
I featured these boots in my little things post published in March and they're still a strong favourite in my wardrobe and in my life. They're beautiful!

Burts peppermint lipbalm
I love a minty lipbalm, aside from my go-to honey trap from Lush all of my favourite lip balms are peppermint one of them being by eos and the other by Burts.

A firm favourite of the month was Rosé wine. White Zinfandel by Barefoot to be specific or any sweet white or rose I could get my hands on.. bring on the summer and this delicious new love.

♥ abby


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