new shoes: Ravel fort worth

There's something wonderful about the feeling you get when a new pair of shoes arrive on your door step. Lucky for me this happened a number of times to me throughout January, introducing my wonderful new Ravel heels.

As with pretty much all of my shoes, I bought these devilishly beautiful pointed heels from Spartoo, my go-to for a great bargain to grace my feet with. I was drawn to these 'Fort Worth' beauties by Ravel when browsing for a new formal shoe that is classy, ideally black, and suitable for a variety of occasions. From weddings to a night out or even an important work meeting I think I've nailed it with these, I love them so. So much in fact that I drew them on my ipad one night because I'm obsessed!

For my next shoe purchase I may need to go a little more sensible and opt for some snow boots or a pair of flip flops. Though knowing my purchasing habits I'll end up with a cracking pair of heels to add to my ever-growing collection of pretties. What a shame..  :D

♥ abby


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