My house remodelling inspiration

I'm really into interiors at the moment so I've been reading lots of blogs, pinning ev-e-ry-thing and drooling over inspirational sites. I find myself shopping more for the home than for myself which is really odd but I kinda like it!  I think I've got to the point of my life where because the mortgage of our house is finally going through we can actually start thinking about what we really want our home to be, too look like and to feel like. At the moment it's just the house we live in, the house Shaun's grandparents bought and lived it when it was built and that his mum grew up in from about the age of 7. It's lovely but there are changes, or rather 'improvements' that we'd like to make, not only to bring it up to date and maintain the house and all of it's amenities but also to modernise it in terms of the decor. We have redecorated 3 rooms so far (though something has to be done about the wardrobe in our room - Shaun picked that by himself!).

We're currently in the middle of sorting the bathroom out and next will be my wardrobe room. :D
Because of this I have been scouring the interwebs for decoration ideas only to find some amazing sites and images that have been so inspirational to my final idea. Below are a few images I've come across that have ultimately inspired me to decorate my dressing room a certain way.


Picture this; an all white room with floor to ceiling mirror front wardrobes on either end and a copper bell shape lampshade with a unique looking vintage style bulb hanging in the centre.  An all white dressing table under the big window on the longest wall with a pretty all glass folded mirror sat on it surrounded by tall confectionery jars filled with makeup brushes, lipsticks and daily essentials as well as copper and white decorations such as a little metallic alarm clock, a ceramic white unicorn money box and a golden sand hourglass. The floor will be a dark wood with a white fluffy rug and the door handle along with other fixings will be a matching bronze/copper to the lampshade and dressing table accessories.
I'm pretty in love with my idea and I really hope it all pulls together as I've planned. :)

Now that I've all but decided the decor and accessories of the room it's time to move onto the layout of the wardrobes, but I'll leave that for another blog post. Here's the initial idea for one wall as found on Homify. :D

Walk-in wardrobe dressing room inspiration
Image credit - Homify designer: HOLLAND AND GREEN

♥ abby


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