delivery for milo!

Milo gets all the love lately. When I pulled this box out in front of him last weekend he knew that it was a package for him so he bounded towards me to try and take it!

I guess if I'd let him have the box then it would have been shredded on the spot, which would've been funny to watch but I didn't fancy cleaning it up so my boyfriend restrained him while I opened it instead! Once open Milo's head was straight in there and he bolted off with the only soft toy that was inside.. I don't think he cared that I needed a photo first so we then had to play a game of chase around the front garden just to try and get the toy back for a second. :/

The July box contained 2 packets of treats, two toys, a tube of multi-vitamin paste and a collapsible silicone bowl which when researched I found came to about £20 if bought separately. The box (including delivery) costs £19.90 each month depending on your subscription package. I stand by these boxes and think they're a great idea and a lovely treat for the furry ones in our lives! ... Dogs and cats I mean ;)

I can say with 100% certainty that Milo loves (or loved) everything in this box because it has all either been destroyed with great pleasure, eaten or in the case of the red hard toy; is his new go-to fetch toy. Success!

I'll leave you with this photo of him clutching his new favourite toy.

♥ abby & milo


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