outfit: naked faun jewellery

The lines between my workwear and what I wear at home or out for lunch and so on are significantly blurred. This outfit is absolutely something I'd wear on my days off and yet here I am wearing it to work, it's relaxed yet smart but not too much of either.

I'm living in tall boots at the moment, alternating days between these and my Ravel over knees but I've practically worn these tan boots by Redfoot to death. In fact they're so bad that I need Shaun to take his industrial strength glue to the sole because I'm not quite ready to part with them yet.

I love this necklace and the little jingle it makes, it's by a brand called Naked Faun, as are the two new rings I'm wearing. I keep shaking the necklace in time to the music or playing a little christmas song with it - name that tune has become a regular occurrence in my office. Just like the poison box ring this necklace has a little latch that allows you to open it up and in the case of the necklace I can remove the little gold jingle ball, not that I would.. I just like that I can. :)

As much as I love my nans vintage stone ring I've been looking for something similar to replace it because I'm quite paranoid about wearing it now. I would be devastated if I broke or lost it so I've decided to partly retire the ring and wear one of these two on a daily basis instead. The moonstone round ring is pretty and easy to wear so it's likely that this is the ring I'll wear most though aside from the novelty of the poison box ring I really like the black enamel detail so I may just end up wearing both of them a lot!

the link list
asos white strappy cami (set)
vero moda burgundy biker cardigan
dark grey religion skinny jeans
redfoot twinzip tan boots
naked faun harmony ball necklace
naked faun poison box and moonstone rings
essie 'skirting the issue' with opi 'warm and fozzie' nails

♥ abby


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