betty jackson black collection

Up until recently I wasn't exactly one to wear a statement necklace but I've slowly been converted by the likes of supersized spikes and chunky golden chains to wear things like this sizable collection from Betty Jackson. The Betty Jackson Black collection uses lots of deep and neutral shades alongside beautiful holographic crystals and shiny jet black jewels, with the odd appearance of a rich and deep burgundy of course.

Having already showed you my three flower necklace in this outfit post I wanted to present the collection I have to you so that you can see how fab they are for your own eyes. These 3 pieces are from Debenhams and can be found in most stores as well as online - They're actually discounted now which is a nice plus. :)

3d three flower necklace
3d gold and bronze flower ring
3d cluster droplet flower necklace

♥ abby


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