a hamper for Milo because #petplancares

It's such a lovely thing when people get in contact with me because of Milo. He's my boy and I love to shower him with love, affection and of course pressies where I can. He's given us so much and is an important part of our little family as well as our family as a whole because it's not just my boyfriend and I that have a special relationship with Milo; we're lucky to have a supportive family group where both of our parents and brothers and sisters all love having him around. They often take care of him when we're away and sometimes my boyfriend's dad pops by just to take him out for a walk which he really loves! Milo is such a happy, loving and affectionate puppy - and yes he is still my puppy at 2 years old .. I'm like a mother that doesn't want her son to grow up too fast because he'll always be her baby!

The point of this post and of Milo being sent this fantastic hamper of goodies from Pet Plan is for us to talk about the special relationship we have with our pets and therefore the connection that my boyfriend and I have with Milo so I thought I'd mention some of the things I love about his character because I'm sure that the biggest reason why we fall in love with our pets is because of their personality. Be it a dog, cat, guinea pig or any other animal a lot of affection is related to the way they behave and act around us and toward us.

I love the way he curls up on his bed at night (he loves his new Mutts & Hounds bed!), the way he snoozes with his paw behind his head on the rug in front of the fire, and that when my boyfriend is away or just not at home he cuddles up to me on the sofa to keep me company (and keep me warm). I also love his tilted head reaction to the word walkies, how he gets so excited when people come to visit that he picks up his favourite toy and parades around with it for them (at the moment the blue cuddly rope toy is his choice fav) and I really really love how he loves to watch wildlife tv shows, his reaction to the animals, especially big cats, wolves, polar bears and birds is just adorable - I'm sure he wants to make friends with them. I also love the way he tries to shy away from the camera, but I have my techniques to make him smile like in the first photo. :)

There are so many reasons why both my boyfriend and I have such a great connection and bond with Milo it's hard to express to be honest, we really care about him and if anything were to happen we would want him to have the best possible care. It's so important to insure the pets you love. So I'll leave you with a few more pictures of Milo with his amazing gifts from Pet Plan because #petplancares and so do I. :)

Standard... my boyfriend and Milo playing with the box parcels arrive in..

♥ abby


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