a dogs christmas gift guide

Not everyone is into getting their pets gifts for Christmas but I just can't help shopping for treats and toys for my boy so I thought i'd put together a 'what to get your dog for Christmas' gift guide / wishlist.

Milo is such a huge part of our lives and of our family so it's really important for me to include him in things whether its's events, celebrations or simply sunday roast at the in-laws. Through the festive season when we're all together eating our treats and opening presents we have Milo has his own seasonal treats and he gets a whole lot of love too. He loves to bury his head in wrapping paper and we're sure he's looking for things for himself so the joy on his face when he does find a bag of treats or a toy is just amazing.

the link list
large turkey jumbones
robin rope toy
treats barrel
jumbo cord candy cane
toy and treat reindeer gift box
herringbone dog antlers
moustache toy and bow tie set
herringbone and fluffy blanket
santas straws chews
flashing nose toy
doggy mince pies

♥ abby


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