SCA Volvo Ocean Race Team

Equality has always been a hot topic of late and actually it should be spoken about and actioned upon more than it is. Since Emma Watson's recent speech at the UN (if you haven't heard it where have you been?!) it seems that more people are talking about gender equality which is great. I was especially inspired by this article talking about a 15 year old boy's letter then following this as well as other examples of equality approval from a variety of male and female celebrities I found out about an all woman team that has entered the Volvo Ocean Race this year.

If you haven't heard of it before the Volvo Ocean Race is an around the world yacht race that happens every 3 years and takes approximately 9 months to complete. This team isn't the first female group to enter the race but in interest of showing how far gender equality has come they are definitely worth talking about. Since the race was first established in 1973 this is the first women's team that will receive the same support and treatment as their competition, be it an all male or mixed gender tea which I think is pretty special.

You can show your approval by watching and/or sharing this video that talks about the team, I for one will be following their progress for this reason. The journey starts in a matter of days beginning in Alicante traveling via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Newport (USA), Lisbon in Portugal and more then finishing in Gothenburg, Sweden next June. It's a super long race with millions of followers and I can't wait to see how these ladies get on - especially as one of them is Abby from Plymouth which is not me but just a happy coincidence. :)

♥ abby


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