clinique tinted moisturiser review

I've been converted to a new foundation or rather a tinted moisturiser, the Clinique Moisture Surge is the first Clinique base product I have tried and I absolutely love it. It smells good, feels creamy and super soft on application and sits lightly on my skin. I use shade 03 which a very helpful consultant at Boots matched me on way back when I bought this little bottle a couple of months ago and today I bought a new pot because I can finally feel my first purchase running out.

I can't recommend this foundation enough, the coverage is great and build-able depending on how much you like. It's my new fave and at £22.50 is a few pounds cheaper than the 'hello flawless' foundation by Benefit that I was using previously with better pay off. I still love Benefit but this Clinique product has jumped above the rest, let me know if you try it! :)

♥ abby


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