my health kick: sleep

Sleeping is so important - people aren't always aware of the effects that a lack of sleep can have on your body and mind. It may seem odd for me to be talking about health and sleep but continue reading and you'll understand why. I've found out a lot about sleep lately, mostly because I'm trying to persuade Shaun that we need to replace our awfully creaky bed frame and less than suitable mattress. Each time he's grouchy or aching or has a stiff neck I point out that if we had a bed that didn't screech every time one of us rolls over then he'd have a better night sleep or if we had a mattress that suits us both and our back problems then we'd have a better night sleep then too.

Sleep gives your body time to rest, to heal and to prepare. It promotes healthy brain function, emotional well being, physical health and good daytime performance. So surely it's obvious that you need the correct equipment in order to get these benefits.

Finding the right bed, mattress and even bedding for you can make you feel a world of good and ready for the day ahead, then every day after that. It's actually important for your health, well-being and sanity to be sleeping in the right bed as a good sleeping environment has a great effect on both our physical and psychological states.

Personally, I have problems with my lower back from time to time since I fell down the stairs and fractured my coxis last year, Shaun also gets a stiff back sometimes due to being a boy and not looking after himself properly. So together we need a mattress that provides us with both comfort and back support.

Having slept in a bed that was so comfy and made us feel fantastic all holiday we know exactly what we need from our new mattress now - a medium firm foam or pocket spring (but preferably foam) and of course in needs to be super king size. We slept incredibly well with no creaks and no achey back or bones when waking up in the morning and I can't wait to feel that great again.

♥ abby


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