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I spend a lot of my time on digital devices, it comes with the job and of course the blogging - but recently I stepped back from myself and remembered that there is a life beyond it all and I still have one. Don't get me wrong, I love the internet in all it's wonder but there is a good amount of shit on the web, and quite literally in some instances. I'll never step away from my phone, iPad and laptop forever, as I said, it's my job, my hobby and I love it but I am drawing myself a line.

I've known about my resentment for certain apps and obsessions for some time but it wasn't until recently that I actually decided to do something about it. What is the point in wasting hour/s of life scrolling through Facebook to discover pointless squabbles, dirty laundry, memes and 'challenges' - this is what bugs me the most. I keep my personal FB account because it's a useful communicator but for so long now my timeline has been full of so much dribble. I can see why they talk about making links more prominent and content more valuable, actual written content, not a cat meme or compilation video. I wish them luck with that, i'll be the one with iBooks open rather than the app.

So as I've learned to step away from watching fail videos, reading arguments and other such things - I opt to pick up a book instead or take the dog for a walk, watch a movie or series with the boyfriend or a million other things. Because of this I decided to start a new feature - maybe monthly, maybe not - we will see. This post will be about my happy distractions, things that I've enjoyed doing or reading or watching recently. Things that have taken me away from aimless browsing and mind-numbing content. Things that make me smile, laugh and learn.

This month I've been on holiday and that was definitely a happy distraction but I've already documented it on my blog (here) so here goes with a couple of other things.

what i've been watching recently

White Collar Seasons 1 & 2
White Collar is a show about a convicted con man who is let out of prison to assist the FBI on white collar cases, the sort involving fraud, art theft, forgeries and other high class investigations. The lead is played by Matt Bomer, he's a a smart, sarcastic, and confident ladies man who happens to be quite nice to look at. I'm a big fan of crime drama and enjoy the intelligence of con artists in movies and tv shows - Hustle is a past favourite of mine, so White Collar is the perfect show for me. I've just started watching series three on Netflix and it's keeping me hooked.

what i've been reading recently

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
Although it took a little while to get into I have nothing but good things to say about this book, which is great news because I have the next 6 to read now, the second of which I'm already half way through. Having watched this tv series up to date it's obvious that they came from something special, the books are just that. They're cleverly detailed with interesting stories of knowledge, wit, violence, sex and so much more. With every chapter and every page I learn, laugh, wince and need to read more, this is definitely one of those 'can't put down' kind of reads.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is a character I love to love, be it in the movies played by Robert Downey Jr. or the modern day tv series played by Benedict Cumberbatch I can't tear myself away from the life and intelligent mysteries of this man and his stories. So without a question I downloaded both the adventures and the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes on iBooks (for free which was a nice surprise). The book is written as though Watson is speaking, telling the tales of his delightful yet menacing friend and how he comes to solve the most unusual and inexplainable mysteries. Each chapter is a new adventure and each adventure a learning exercise with twists and turns that Sherlock sees with ease inserting entertaining quips. I'm almost at the end of The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes and whilst I never want to put my iPad down, I also don't want it to end - I hope The Adventures are just as good.

♥ abby


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