tigi colour goddess shampoo and conditioner

I'm hardly a colour goddess as I stopped dyeing my hair a couple of years ago and although I often dream of my bright and light blonde locks and miss them terribly I probably won't be changing hair colour anytime soon (but never say never). Therefore I don't really need a colour boost or to protect my hair colour because it is natural but this stuff is amazing all the same. I love it because of the effect it has on my hair, even if it's is designed to work well with coloured locks. I'm not usually one to pay large amounts for my shampoo and conditioner meaning that I'd usually reach for products around £4 but since using Tigi Bead Head products I can't see myself buying standard haircare anymore, it's salon standards for me from now on.

So why am I raving about this haircare combo? I originally fell in love with the Colour Goddess shampoo during a trip to my hairdressers because as it was being used on me I could smell this fantastic perfume. It turns out that the smell was the almond oil and coconut oil in the shampoo and conditioner, of course I had to ask what it was and noted it down on my phone just incase.

Following my hair appointment (which was an amazing one anyway!) my hair felt smooth, soft and more manageable than usual for days. Even after I went back to using an old shampoo the quality stayed but once faded I missed how amazing my hair felt and how healthy it looked so I ordered two 750ml bottles of Colour Goddess conditioner and shampoo from Click Fragrance. The order came to just £25 in total! That's some super cheap haircare when you consider that everywhere I found the Tigi Bed Head range they were being sold for around £24 per bottle.

I've been so impressed with how healthy my hair is looking that I had to shout about it. It's so much easier to style and even stays straight for longer which can't be a coincidence, it must be the salon product formula.

I'd like to know what you think of Tigi Bed Head and if you've had a similar experience with their products. Let me know. :)

♥ abby


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