luca barra jewellery

This necklace is by an italian jewellery brand called Luca Barra and it has quickly become one of my favourite and frequently worn accessories. My (almost) every day necklace has been the gold bunting by Accessorize for so long now that I seem to rely on the style as my go-to but this necklace is even better than that! This necklace is two styles in one - There is a little magnet on one side of the two end hearts which allow the five hearts to break apart from the five leaf clover pendant or sit in a row like bunting. It's so versatile that I've found myself wearing it all of the time, both open and closed.

I also got a few other pieces by Luca Barra so thought that I'd show you those as well, this necklace is very similar to the way that the first one links together but it doesn't have any magnets. All of these pieces of jewellery are beautifully made and sturdy with intricate details like the different symbol discs near each clasp and the placement of the diamantes.

I also have a braided white choker with diamantes covering a pendant bar and an almost rose gold diamante and resin ring made using thick seamless silver. It's a perfect heavy ring that sits nicely and isn't too big like some statement rings can be.

All in all I love this jewellery brand and can't wait to add more to my collection! I've made a little price breakdown below so that you can see the good value and of course get the links to these products that I went mad photographing. :) I'm sure i'll feature them all in outfit photos over time but until then I hope you like this post.

2 in 1 magnetic necklace €59 (approx. £47)
silver and pink heart necklace €44 (approx. £35)
champagne and silver ring €39 (approx. £31)
white braid diamante choker €39 (approx. £31)

♥ abby


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