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True Religion Brand Designer Jeans

I've loved the True Religion brand ever since going to a collective press day in London a couple of years ago. Their stand was perfectly formed in every way so I made a beeline for it, skipping the horderves and cocktails on offer to dive straight into the world of beautifully made designer jeans.

I tried on a couple of pairs and if it were up to mean I'd of bought the lot! However I only had Shaun's credit card with me at the time and was under strict instructions not to buy unnecessary items - I tried to explain to him that jeans are a necessity, they're a basic that you need to have and the better the quality the longer they last but he didn't sign off on the purchase and so I left London without some new True Religion denim jeans and without much at all really.

The brand has recently come back into my life after talking about birthday gifts and I need to decide which pair it is that I want to don my pins this autumn and winter so I've picked out some of my favourite styles and I'd like some assistance because I cannot make such a big decision on my own.

I'm a mid rise kind of girl, I wear my jeans on my hips and I always have so I've been shopping the True Religion range of mid rise denim jeans in various fits and colours - all of which I would be very happy to own and wear!

Halle - Low rise super skinny jeans for women in washed grey. Grey jeans are a staple of mine anyway so a pair of designer jeans in grey would get a lot of use.
Victoria - Mid rise skinny cigarette jeans in a rich blue wash. The good thing about cigarette jeans is that they're flattering without being super tight so they can be worn no whatever your mood and I love the style of ruched cuffs with heeled shoes and boots.
Casey - Super skinny figure hugging bright white jeans. I am yet to own a pair of white jeans and I see people wearing them all of the time, the fit of this pair is perfect for that crisp and finished look that white denim gives.
Becca - Mid rise bootcut jeans in bright wash. I LOVE that bootcut jeans have come back into fashion, the boot cut fit jeans are some of the most flattering jeans I've ever worn and we all know that I'm addicted to boots so they're pretty much perfect for me.
Abbey  - Super skinny light hue wash distressed. Ripped jeans for women are spot on and I’ve been keeping an eye out for the right pair, these are the amount of perfect distressed skinnies be them.

The Abbey jeans hold a special place in my heart for obvious reasons but aside from that I need some assistance with picking a pair (or two pairs) of jeans to add to my wardrobe. Discuss.

♥ abby

p.s. True Religion sell gift cards and eGift cards.
p.p.s. It's my birthday on August 3rd :D


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