why i wear waterproof mascara

It’s no secret that I’m a huge waterproof mascara fan, it’s a staple of my makeup regime and I won’t be found wearing anything else for a number of reasons so I thought that I would write a little post explaining why I am so fond of it.

There are a handful of benefits to using a waterproof mascara rather than simply a water resistant or standard mascara. Firstly let’s point out the obvious and most crucial selling point, the waterproof formula. Aside from being resistant to rain, sweat and splashing by the pool (as well as happy or sad tears!) I have pretty sensitive eyes that like to water a lot, whether it’s the wind, sun or hay fever at least one of my eyes will be watering at some point of the day so to avoid looking like a member of Kiss I need to use waterproof mascara, yes it is a necessity.

My second reason follows on from the first, with my eyes being sensitive if I get mascara in either of my eyes it stings like a peach(!) really, it hurts a lot but the waterproof mascara doesn’t go in my eyes because it doesn’t disintegrate in the heat or when wet. This gives it a huge plus point in my book.

Then there’s the nice bonus of staying power. In my experience of using waterproof mascaras for years I’ve found it does not budge. Even if all of the makeup on my face hasn’t lasted the day for one reason or another, my lashes will still be perfectly perky, curled and dark. Exactly what you’d like from a standard mascara but can’t seem to get.

Some people are warned off of waterproof mascara because it can be difficult to remove but in my experience it’s only hard to remove if you aren’t using the right type of makeup remover. Wet wipes will not work very well and removal will involve a lot of rubbing and tugging on lashes which are obviously not good for your eyes, I’ve also found that cream removers on a cotton pad work pretty similarly so I’d avoid those too. The best products to remove waterproof mascara with are balm and oil based makeup removers as they effortlessly lift the product from your lashes with minimal contact to your eyes and leaving no damage at all. These balmy makeup removers are also great for general skincare and I’ve seen a vast improvement in my skin since using them.

There you have it...all of the reasons why I choose to wear waterproof mascara over anything else.

♥ abby


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