what's in my holiday makeup bag?

This is the first of a little series of blog posts that I have planned that I'm hoping will benefit others as well as myself. In this blog post I'll talk about the variety of makeup that you do and don't need to take on a summer holiday and how to make the most out of a makeup bag without abusing your baggage weight allowance.

My makeup bag is cute, pretty in pink and was free with a number of Benefit purchases I made in Debenhams. I love it, it's the perfect size for all of the makeup and extras that I've included below and it's waterproof inside and out so sits nicely in amongst clothes in your suitcase without the possibility of any mishaps that could potentially ruin your holiday before it gets started.

bb cream or tinted moisturiser
I don't wear foundation whilst on holiday, there's no need for it and I want to tan as much as possible because it really improves the condition of my skin. I will however take either a bb cream or tinted moisturiser with me just in case I want some coverage in the evenings but it's quite unlikely so I just take a little sample pot with me.

I don't use powder on holiday or otherwise so my alternative to a mattifying product is the Benefit Porefessional primer, a mini version for travelling. The benefits of using a matte finish during summer evenings are great, it tones down any sunburn or redness gained from the day and gets rid of the shine, exactly the sort of thing I need.

I'll take a pot of a soft and moisturising concealer which will of course be my go-to; erase paste by Benefit, and it's only really to be used on my under eye circles created by the evening before. :)

By the end of my holiday this is all I like to be wearing on my face possibly with a little tinted lip balm but that's all! Benetint by Benefit is another super convenient mini that I take everywhere with me, it's perfect for tinted cheeks with significant staying power. I love the flush colour it gives me which is why I love the effect it has on a tanned and relaxed face, probably my favourite product ever for that reason.

I have a damn lot of Benefit, their mini collection is so extensive which makes them the perfect brand to take away with you and I just love them anyway :) High Beam is a beautiful liquid highlight that I've never owned full size because the mini isn't in short supply but I use it regularly and really like the consistency and pay off, it's a great product that takes pride of place in my summer makeup must haves.

Another product where I don't bother with the full size version, I have a small pan of the dandelion blush in a gift set that I received so I'll be taking this little set that also includes a couple of other minis to take with me. I don't take bronzer, only blush because it's a product that you shouldn't need whilst you're tanning. I especially don't need to take mine as it's purely for colour purposes and contains no shimmer.

lip balm
I use Lush honey trap lip balm - there is no other. It's nourishing, never-ending and smells awesome as most Lush products do. I just wish they sold it in a stick from.

I'll only take one lippie with me because I only use one, Plink! A beautiful soft baby pink shade that appears to go with everything.

waterproof mascara
I wear waterproof mascara as standard anyway but I know that a lot of people don't and I would highly recommend that you take it on a hot holiday. The heat, sweat, pool water etc. can and will take a toll on your mascara so if you'd like to keep it in place it would be silly not to have waterproof really.

waterproof pencil eyeliner
The mini Benefit bad gal pencil is a great take-away eyeliner because it's teeny and perfect for summer because it's super waterproof. I own and use the full size liner and use it along with the smudge tool on the opposite end most days so it's a definite must have for my holiday makeup bag.

waterproof liquid liner
My favourite liquid liner is the Eyeko felt tip pen, it's liquid without the faff of and drips from the brush and is so so easy to use, even for me! I'll take both black and navy pens with me because they're light and sometimes I like a softer eye makeup look which is when I opt for the navy shade, truth be told the navy eyeliner is my favourite anyway.

One palette is all you need, seriously, they weigh more than you think and of course the only one for me is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I find that it's most important to have the basic nudes on hand so this is perfect.

coloured eyeliners
I love to line my lower lash line with blue, teal or green liner, especially when I have a tan so when packing for a holiday I always include a selection of coloured eyeliners from Gosh.

I hope that I wouldn't need any brow products as I'll have them tinted before going away but just incase I do, the Urban Decay brow box is the perfect little travel box to take along.

nail varnish
I won't take a lot of nail colours, two to top up my existing nail and toe shades and a new colour option if I get bored. I especially love orange and bright turquoise colours when on holiday but lets not forget the must haves - a treatment base coat and a quick drying top coat.

nail tools
There is always a nail file in my handbag anyway so in addition to that I'll take a buffer just to keep on top of things and make sure that they stay tidy. Hand cream is a tool for me too, one that assures the surrounding of my nails stay hydrated and don't peel which they so love to do in extreme weather conditions.

nail varnish remover
There's no need to take a bottle of nail varnish remover that can leak and ruin everything when nail varnish remover pads and cushioned bottles are available. This little pot of nail polish remover pads from Superdrug cost just over £1 are are so convenient.

The one thing missing from this blog is brushes which was a conscious decision. If I can I will avoid taking any makeup brushes away with me, they're unnecessary weight and get misshapen in transit because I don't have a suitable way of transporting them. I love my Sigma brushes so I choose to leave them at home.

This was a super long post but I really hope that you liked it and if it gives just one person a packing list to follow (besides me) I'll be happy. :)

♥ abby


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