hair and beauty tips for this festival season

I'm very aware that festivals are popping up around me and after attending a couple I thought I'd share some thoughts and super simple tips to keep you going through these mac and welly wearing weekends full of music, friends and memories.

First up,
salt spray
The best tip i've been given is to use salt spray, it keeps hair looking natural and not greasy, adds texture and will mattify your hair. Simply spritz a sea salt spray all over for a wavy, effortless look.

dry shampoo
Depending on the festival you're attending it can mean spending a good few days in a field without a shower so dry shampoo (and wet wipes) will be your saviour! Simply spray the dry shampoo at your roots then wait for around 30 seconds and rub it throughout your hair, the shampoo absorbs the grease and adds volume to your flattened roots.

Accessorising your festival look with a headband will not only make you look the part but it will also hide a bad hair day and keep your hair off of your face. I recommend you get yourself a Crown and Glory headband, the styles are perfect and each one is beautifully made.

gel nails
Bright nails are so in and I love it, they're fun and colourful but can look pretty awful when they start to chip. If you switch your usual nail varnish for a gel then they can last up to two weeks without chipping so they should stay looking perfect for the entire weekend. You can book to have your gel nails done in a salon or do it yourself with an LED nail lamp, some gel nail polish and a sealer which will achieve a salon professional look without the price tag.

waterproof mascara
I wear waterproof mascara every day but not a lot of people do and you can guarantee that where there is a festival, there is some need for waterproof makeup whether it's rain or sweat, the last thing you want is panda eyes. Waterproof mascara will make your lashes look luscious for longer.

tinted lip balm
Spending all of your time outdoors, enjoying the sun and partying can take it's toll on your skin leaving you dehydrated and your lips quite dry, try using a tinted lip balm. It will add a little colour and most importantly moisturise your lips.

spf foundation
Another trick to help take care of your skin is to use foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturiser with an spf in it. Sun protection is always essential and our faces are often skipped, this way it's easy to incorporate this necessity into your daily makeup look. There are lots of foundations with added spf at the moment so the higher the factor, the better it will be for you and your skin.

sun protection
You've got your face sorted an lets assume you've already taken care of the sun cream for your body so now for your hair. The sun can make hair discoloured and dry so the easiest way to tackle this is by using specially formulated sun protecting hair care products. A spray will protect your hair quickly and restore it keeping your hair looking healthy and full of shine.

eye shadow
Summer festivals are bright, happy and anything goes so get creative with colourful shadows and lipsticks. Add a thin line of a bright shadow or eyeliner under the lower lashes if you are feeling adventurous.

Shorts are a festival staple but don't look nearly as good next to the stubble of day three. Waxing before you go will get rid of any unwanted body hair for longer than the average shave preventing any horrible dry or awkward shaving whilst there.

I hope that you liked this post, I have a few 'what's in my bag' tip style blog posts coming up too so let me know your thoughts on this one and if you have any other hair and beauty tips for festivals or summer in general then i'd love to hear about them.

♥ abby


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