craving: flat sandals

Believe it or not I don't actually own any sandals that aren't flip flops, but I'd like to and it's becoming more apparent with the increasing number of great looking flat sandals online (and on peoples feet) that I kind of need to own a pair or five.. They must be good if so many people have them right? I've gone to my favourite online shoe store and picked out a whole load of flat open sandals that I really like and that would suit my growing wardrobe /shoedrobe. My shoe collection has almost outgrown it's multiple spaces but what's one more pair of flats especially if they have no 'in-between the toes' action.

As I've found so so many flat sandals that I like and made a huge collage I thought it better not to link to them all, however it is super easy to find all of these great shoe brands including Les Tropeziennes, Birkenstock and Ravel here. There are so many varieties of styles whether it's a black leather, a chunky ankle strap, coral pvc, yellow material, braided rope, metallic finishes, embellishments or any number of other details that make this wide variety of gorgeous footwear, I need and want them all! If only my bank account would allow. ;)

♥ abby


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