brands i love: mango

Mango is such a lovely brand that I don't shop enough so I thought that i'd have a quick look on their website for some new pretty things :)

The quality of Mango clothing and accessories has always been impressive to me. I've found their pieces are really well made and out-last a lot of other brands I buy which is why I find myself drawn to the concession in Debenhams. They don't seem to have nearly enough stock in the concessions though which annoys me a bit. I've found that the best place to shop for Mango is in their european stores, Portugal specifically. They're my favourite. :) Somehow they're a little cheaper too and hey if I need to visit the algarve to go shopping that has to be huge plus points right..

I couldn't fit all of the things I like into this collage or rather I shouldn't because then it would have been super long! I also love this blue faded print dress and can definitely see myself in it.

1. lace and crochet maxi dress 2. mint denim shorts 3. coral shirt dress 4. white wrap skirt dress
5. grey chiffon vneck dress 6. white denim shorts 7. striped linen shorts 8. horn pendant necklace
9. studded sandals 10. platform peep toe sandals

♥ abby


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